At BASSBOSS we’re here to help with any size project – from a stadium tour to a mobile DJ system, supper-club to super-club. Let us help you configure a system that will be thrilling your audiences and bringing them back for years to come.

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BASSBOSS products can also be purchased through GC Pro, who offer local, custom installation design, focusing on pro users, through the close to 250 Guitar Center locations in the US. GC Pro also offers excellent financing options. For other financing options, check our financing page.

Following is some further information to aid in requesting a quote.

Is the music being played live or from a prerecorded source or both?

Live music has higher demands for dynamic power and dynamic power handling but lower demands for sustained long-term power handling, especially from subwoofers. Prerecorded music is usually mastered and compressed, so it demands a higher average power handling capacity with less dynamic power. Further, live musicians need to take breaks whereas prerecorded music is often played continuously. The breaks taken between songs and between sets give a live-music system’s loudspeakers time to dissipate heat that a system playing continuous prerecorded music doesn’t get. Thus, in a system for prerecorded music playback, the loudspeakers need to have the capacity to dissipate all the heat generated during operation while in operation. For this reason we developed different amplified loudspeaker systems for live and prerecorded music.

What musical genres are most often being reinforced?

A system intended for live rock-n-roll for up to 500 people isn’t made up of the same gear that a system intended for House music for 500 people or a system for Dubstep or D&B for 500 people is made of. Different genres put demands in different frequency ranges. You can have a system that does everything if you need it or want it, or you can have a system that doesn’t do what you don’t need it to do. The problem that most sound companies run into doing EDM shows is that they do the shows with the same equipment they use for rock-n-roll and the gear doesn’t cut it. Very often the same gear that’s good enough for the R&R shows just doesn’t hit the low notes or even survive the night. If you’re going to do EDM, from Minimal to Dubstep, from little nightclubs to giant festivals, you need a system that’s designed to meet the demands of the genre.

What is the size of the intended audience?

Knowing the size of the audience along with the genres of music you’re playing allows us to recommend system combinations that will deliver exactly what you need, reliably and cost effectively. And effortlessly.

Are there limits to the available electrical supply?

Many venues don’t design their electrical system to supply power for a portable sound system. What you are left with are often shared outlets with limited current capacity and a need to distribute your electrical draw over a number of untested circuits. In those circumstances it’s best to have efficient loudspeakers driven by efficient amplifiers. It’s also better to have more small amplifiers that can be plugged into different circuits than one large one that must get all its power from a single circuit.

Is the size and weight of the individual cabinets a limiting factor?

Consider whether you want one person to be able to set up the complete system. Consider whether the system can be rolled into the venues or if it will need to be carried. Consider the weight of the top boxes and whether one person would be able to lift the mid-high cabinets to the top of the stacks. If you need systems that one person can comfortably (and quickly) set up, take a look at the list of “Soloist” components.

Are the dimensions and weight limitations of a transport vehicle a factor?

Whether you take your system to the gig in a Prius or a Peterbuilt will certainly affect which boxes you can actually use. Our larger cabinets are designed to fit standard truck-pack dimensions, but if you use a van or trailer to move your gear, we can help you choose the gear that will not only deliver the most output you can pack but will also go in and out of the vehicle with the least amount of effort and wear and tear.