• Accurate Tonal Detail and Musical Reproduction
  • Dynamic Impact and Extremely High Output
  • Very Low Distortion
  • High Efficiency Power Conversion
  • Superior Projection Over Distance
  • Serious Punch and Hit


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In modern music the demand for bass is practically insatiable. It is rare to find a concert or club venue that doesn’t run their bass cabinets at very high levels. The B-Zero Motiv Bass Horn reliably and consistently provide extremely high levels of clean, usable, undistorted musical bass output.

BASSBOSS Subwoofers are known for their output as well as their outstanding musical sound quality. The B-Zeros don’t interfere with the perceived clarity of the overall system because they have extremely low levels of distortion. While this is measurable even at low levels, at higher levels, when other boxes begin to stress, the difference can become very noticeable.

The B-Zero is a single 18″ bass cabinet featuring a folded tractrix horn enclosure that provides high-impact, high- efficiency bass response from 35Hz to 200Hz with superior clarity and definition. The B-Zero is a very efficient and hard-hitting horn-loaded bass cabinet. It uses a relatively low compression ratio to minimize horn coloration. The result is a natural, open sound characterized by a heavy hit. The B-Zero is very effective for reproduction of extremely dynamic musical material.

The B-Zero is intended for use in multiples. Like all horns, they benefit from being coupled together so the best results will be achieved when at least two or more cabinets are coupled together.

In contrast to direct radiating systems, the dynamic detail, the impact or “punch” is better resolved with a horn. The ability to resolve this aspect of the sound is due to several factors. Compared to a direct radiating system, when horn loaded a driver can produce an equal sound level with a shorter excursion. Shorter excursions tend to require less power and less acceleration and also produce less distortion from the motor and suspension systems.

A loudspeaker designed to deliver the necessary sound pressure level using minimal excursion will therefore produce greater resolution of detail and lower levels of distortion. In addition to these benefits, the directivity afforded by the horn focuses the energy and impact toward the audience more effectively than a direct radiating system. While these attributes are generally true of all horns, the B-Zero takes full advantage of these benefits without suffering from the maladies that plague many other horns. The B-Zero maintains a remarkably smooth response and exhibits very little of what might be called “horn-honk”.

In short, the B-Zero is a remarkable loudspeaker, which has been in production for 10 years and still remains a favorite with both old customers and new, consistently eliciting praise for its sound quality and output capacity every time it’s played. It certainly is a contender as one of the loudest and most efficient bass horns on the market and is virtually without peer when it comes to subjective sound quality.

To make a horn loaded cabinet that is able to reproduce truly low bass it has to be quite large. However, where horn loaded cabinets tend to be bigger than their direct radiating counterparts, the trade-off is that you generally require fewer horn loaded cabinets and considerably less amplification to reach your equivalent sound pressure level goals.

The relatively compact radiating area afforded by the use of high efficiency horns can also provide for wider and more consistent coverage than a larger number of conventional cabinets, particularly in the upper bass region where the wavelengths can be shorter than the array dimensions. A smaller radiating area will tend to produce a more coherent wave, and affords the widest and furthest coverage possible. ­­For this reason, horn-loaded systems can be ideal for use with long-throw systems like line arrays.

responsegraph bzero B ZERO/D Subwoofer


Loudspeaker DescriptionHigh-output horn-loaded bass cabinet
Frequency Response (±3 dB)42 Hz – 240 Hz
Frequency Range (-10 dB)37 Hz – 280 Hz
Sensitivity104 dB, 1W @ 1m (40-120 Hz) (2.83V into 8 ohms, half space)
Maximum Sustained Output135 dB SPL, 1m, 2pi, half-space, (ground stacked)
Short-term Peak Output141dB
Nominal Dispersion (°H x °V)360 x 360
Impedance8 ohms (4 ohms optional)
Input Power Rating1200W RMS, 2400 W Program
Enclosure TypeLow frequency folded horn, hybrid tractrix flare, closed back, low-compression, direct-coupled driver
Transducer1 x 18 ” dia (457 mm) neodymium motor woofer with 4″ (100mm) copper winding voice coil and 50mm peak to peak excursion


Output Power Rating, Channel 12400W @ 4 Ohm
Output Power Rating, Channel 2700W @ 4 Ohm
Output Power Rating, Channel 3700W @ 4 Ohm (channels 2 and 3 may be bridged into 8Ohm
Output Connector, Channels 2&3Neutrik NL4, channel 2 on pin1+-, channel 3 on pin2+-
Electrical Input ConnectorNeutrik Powercon
Voltage Operating Range90-250V. Auto-sensing, auto switching universal supply
Current Draw, Nominal3A @ 1/8 power
Current Draw, Peak20A
Signal Input ConnectorXLR-F
Signal Output ConnectorXLR-M pass-through only
DSP24 bit 96kHz 114dB signal to noise ratio with 80 presets
ProcessingHigh-pass, low pass, limiting, delay, parametric EQ, gain
Data ConnectorsUSB-B, RJ45 ethernet


Multiple Box Array Data4 boxes
Frequency Response: 4 Boxes34 Hz – 240 Hz ±3dB
Sensitivity: 4 Boxes110dB @2.83V into 4 boxes. 104dB @ 1.41V
Maximum Sustained Output:4 Boxes150 dB


Cabinet Construction18mm Baltic Birch plywood, extensively braced. Equipped with 4 handles and cabinet-interlocking rubber feet
Dimensions(HxWxD)22.5″ x 48″ x 48″
Net Weight237 lbs
Shipping Weight250 lbs
Exterior FinishWeatherproof bonded polyurethane


GrillPerforated, powder-coated steel
Transport dollies4-wheel rolling carts with locking casters
GrillPerforated steel
CoversHeavy-duty padded nylon covers
Data ConnectorsOptional
Compatible Top BoxesBASSBOSS Attuned Tops and YesMon Monitors
bzero 1 150x150 B ZERO/D Subwoofer bzero 4 150x150 B ZERO/D Subwoofer bzero 3 150x150 B ZERO/D Subwoofer bzero 2 150x150 B ZERO/D Subwoofer

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