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LA88 Powered Line Array

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    LA88 Powered Line Array

    The LA88 can run on mains voltage from 90 to 250V, and is compatible with all power supplies worldwide. Up to six cabinets can be powered on one 20A 120V circuit (1/8 power) or for more demanding applications, one 20A 208V circuit (1/4 power). Complete system packages including power distribution equipment are available.  A hang of 12 LA88s incorporates 36,000W, provides vertical directivity to 60Hz, runs on two 20A circuits* and weighs only 700 lbs. 

    Available with IP-65 rated power and signal connectors for use outdoors in inclement weather. The LA88 heat sink and power connectors are available watertight so that once the cabinets are flown there is no need for concern about rain causing damage to powered speakers. 
    Capable of extremely high output, with a full and rich presence, the LA88 provides remarkable bass output for a speaker of its size. In many ways it outperforms much larger and heavier cabinets. LA88’s frequency response is +-3dB from 50 to 18,000 Hz. The 8" drivers feature a low resonance frequency and outstanding bass performance. This gives the LA88 the voice and character of a much larger enclosure. 
    The LA88 cabinet is extremely compact, at only 25.25” wide x 19.5” deep and 9.75” high. With the rigging pins inserted in the flyware, the overall width increases to 28.5”. Ready to fly, each cabinet weighs just 55 pounds. A complete rig of 4 cabinets with bumper bar weighs under 250 lbs. 
    Ultra-wide horizontal coverage of 140 degrees helps to provide consistent, intelligible coverage to audience areas that are to the far left and right of the hangs, filling the center and outer areas extraordinarily well. Using a narrow aperture wave-guide and then rapidly transitioning the output to a flat fascia accomplishes this extremely wide coverage. To further enhance off-axis performance, the entire high frequency wave-guide assembly and fascia is mounted forward of the loudspeaker baffle. This minimizes edge reflections and delivers consistent and extended horizontal dispersion.
    High-frequency device vertical coupling is optimized to deliver line-source behavior higher up the frequency spectrum than most line array systems. The vertical spacing of the isophasic high-frequency radiating surfaces on the LA88 is only ¾” and, even more remarkable, that distance is maintained box-to-box, which allows them to couple and efficiently project high frequencies up to 10kHz, nearly double the HF coupling frequency of most line-arrays. This allows the LA88’s HF drivers to perform more efficiently, using less power, with lower distortion, improved clarity and greater reliability.
    Midrange horizontal dispersion is maximized using a proprietary multi-aperture summing technology. The technology compression loads the 8” drivers to improve midrange sensitivity and divides the summed acoustical output over multiple small apertures. The apertures minimize acoustic lobe center spacing on the vertical plane, which enhances inter-box coupling to provide improved line-source behavior and extended midrange projection. Horizontally, the apertures also narrow the radiating area of the midrange frequencies, which increases the horizontal dispersion of the midrange.
    BASSBOSS subwoofers are available to fly above or support below the LA88s to extend system performance to below 30Hz. The LA88's remarkable low frequency output can be combined with subwoofers for increased LF output level and extended LF response. Several options are available including 15”, 18” and 21” versions. The flyware-equipped subwoofers can be used as ground-supports for arrays of up to 6 LA88 boxes. 
    The cabinets are made in the USA from premium Baltic Birch. Touring versions are finished in a waterproof black textured coating. Installation versions are available for indoors or in white or black. A fully weatherized version is available for permanent installations outdoors. The outdoor versions have IP rated passive input wiring and their amplifiers are provided in rack-mount chassis. 

    There are 3 limitations that will be encountered with any professional loudspeaker system. They are excursion, thermal and power.  Run out of excursion and you encounter distortion and ultimately failure. Overheating causes a loss of sensitivity and eventually failure. Too much power can lead to both over-excursion and thermal failures, but too little power can cause distortion, leading to the same problems without first providing the necessary output and control. Excess power can be managed so as not to do damage. Inadequate power can’t be overcome by any processing. Loudspeakers can tolerate tremendous dynamic peaks within their operating bands. As soon as an amplifier clips, the frequency limits imposed by high and low-pass filters are rendered irrelevant. Clipped or square-wave signals introduce DC components to the signal, effectively bypassing high-pass filters and destroying drivers. Having what seems to be excessive power on hand ensures that the signal is transmitted to the drivers as it’s intended. Sophisticated and detailed limiter processing allows the amplifiers to deliver massive dynamic power to the loudspeakers without overdriving them where they are sensitive to damage.  
    The decision to make a 3000W small-format line-array was based on practicality and logic. An extraordinarily capable, small, lightweight and versatile cabinet that can array in multiples for outstanding performance is the best way to take advantage of all the benefits of line-array technology. Longer lines offer better vertical directivity. Multiple smaller line segments provide superior and more detailed control of vertical coverage. Thus for the same weight, a larger quantity of small, powerful boxes offers better performance, coverage and control than fewer, bigger boxes. 

       •    Compact, High Fidelity, High Output
        •    Ultra-Wide Horizontal Coverage
        •    Superior Projection of High Frequencies
        •    Excellent Bass Performance
        •    Light Weight, Easy Set Up
        •    3000W EIAJ Powersoft Class D Amp
        •    Integrated Digital Processing
        •    Weatherized Outdoor Version Available

    The LA88 is a small-format line-array with big features and big performance. Delivering a remarkable combination of flat frequency response, high output, broad coverage and long throw from a very compact, lightweight and visually attractive cabinet, the LA88 offers an extraordinarily powerful and versatile tool for the professional who needs high-quality sound with outstanding audience coverage.

    Self-powered by a 3000W amplifier, the only thing small about the LA88 is its size. When used with a subwoofer system, the LA88s are high-passed above the subwoofer, thus a tremendous amount of dynamic power is available for mid-range and high frequency output. $4731.00 each. Free freight to commercial addresses.


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      Cut Sheet LA88 Cut Sheet PDF Download
      Loudspeaker Description Small format Dual 8 in. Line Array
      Frequency Response (+-3 dB) 50 - 19,000 Hz (Full-Range) 100-19,000 Hz (Satellite Mode)
      Maximum Sustained Output 129 dB
      Short-term Peak Output 132 dB
      Nominal Dispersion (°H x °V) 140 x 8


      Amplifier 3000 W - two channel Powersoft Class D Digital Amplifier
      DSP Integrated comprehensive DSP for High Pass, Low Pass, phase alignment, EQ and limiting
      Electrical Connectors Neutrik Powercon in and through
      Voltage Operating Range 90-250V. Auto-sensing, auto switching universal supply
      Current Draw, Nominal 3A @ 1/8 power
      Signal Input Connector XLR-F
      Signal Output Connector XLR-M pass-through only


      Enclosure Type 2-way line array. Vented LF section with multi-aperture midrange loading, horn-loaded HF section

    LF: Two 8 in. dia (200 mm) neodymium motor woofers with 2 in. (51mm) copper winding voice coil. HF: Two 1.7 in. (44mm) diaphragm compression driver on 1 in. throat isophasic wave guides

      Cabinet Construction 15mm Baltic Birch plywood. Integrated cabinet handles
      Flyware Integrated aluminum line array flyware, adjustable in one degree increments, with fixed front pivot point
      Dimensions (HxWxD)

    24 in. wide x 19 in. deep x 9.5 in. tall (front); 7 in. tall (back) without flyware; 26.25 in. wide x 11 in. tall (front) x 7 in. tall (back) x 19 in. deep with flyware

      Net Weight 55 lbs
      Shipping Weight 65 lbs
      Exterior Finish Weatherproof bonded high-pressure polyurethane
      Grill Diffraction aperture cut aluminum fascia


      Array Frame (Bumper Bar) Support frame Light for up to twelve cabinets or Heavy for up to twenty four cabinets
      Case Heavy-duty clam-shell hard case
      Wheel Dolly Multibox rolling cart/ground support bracket


    Have questions about our products and technology? General discussions of audio science, club installations, live sound considerations, etc?

    BASSBOSS designer and founder David Lee has been designing loudspeakers and nightclub systems for over 30 years, and is happy to share his insights.

    You can shoot us an email, or check out the Forum for current discussions and to post your question there.

    Want a custom system built for you? Just give us a shout at (855) 822-7770 for personalized assistance!

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