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Amped Austin

Mar 12, 2013

BASSBOSS and Amped Austin!

March, 2013 – The newest full BASSBOSS system to grace Austin’s incredible music scene – Amped Austin opens soon on 6th Street in the heart of Austin’s famous nightclub district.

This built-to-kill custom designed setup on two floors features two SSP218 Subwoofers and four DJ112 Monitors for the dance floor and one for the DJ booth upstairs. Downstairs houses a live music venue and bar with two SSP215 Subwoofers and two AT312 Tops with four CCM112 Monitors as fills and stage wedges.

Amped is an acoustically and visually sophisticated space for both live music and full-on dance party madness. Opened March 2013 for SXSW. Check them out on Facebook and their website.