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The BASSBOSS DV8 Monitor

DV8 Testing
The Dual Vented 8, or DV8 MicroMain, was inspired by visits to several smaller venues and my attendance at several weddings. Most often I found the systems in use to have insufficient horizontal dispersion and  they were also horribly ugly. Those experiences gave me the inspiration to design a loudspeaker that was sexy-looking, that had very wide horizontal dispersion, could cover a large room, evenly, and delivered frequency response that was smooth and warm.

It seems that the rooms in which people host wedding receptions tend to be set up with the stage on a long wall, a dance floor in front of it and a lot of audience to the far left and far right. A big stack of speakers on either side of the stage would block the sightlines and, large or small, end up putting hideously ugly speakers on display in an otherwise very carefully decorated room. (Unfortunately, those hideously ugly speakers end up in the photographs.)

For professional system providers and quality-conscious professional musicians, the DV8 MicroMain offers amazing sound quality and serious output from an ultra-compact, lightweight, attractive, US made baltic birch constructed self-powered loudspeaker. This is the speaker-on-a -stick for your high-end clients. Outstanding speech intelligibility combined with line-array coverage characteristics make it perfect for hotel ballrooms and convention centers.

If you do weddings as a band or DJ, the DV8 MicroMain was designed to be small, which will make brides and wedding planners happy, elegant, which will make grooms and photographers (and wedding planners) happy, loud, which will make DJs and bands happy and clear, which will make audiences happy.

So far it has also impressed many traveling and local sound engineers. We have received universal praise for the sound quality of the DV8 MicroMain. And not just the sound quality, its appearance has been very well received as well. It’s a wonderful example of form following function. True to its name, the DV8 MicroMain stands apart from traditional loudspeakers.

To accomplish the widest possible horizontal dispersion, I incorporated a line array waveguide for the high-frequency section. This waveguide provides 120° horizontal dispersion and has the additional benefit of projecting the higher frequencies to greater distances than a conventional horn. To maintain the widest possible horizontal dispersion through the midrange it was necessary to use a narrow midrange driver.

Eight inch drivers were chosen because they offered a combination of wide horizontal dispersion and acceptable low-frequency response using minimal cabinet volume. Smaller drivers would have provided better horizontal dispersion but would not have been able to reproduce sufficient low-frequency output. The 8 inch drivers have octagonal cast aluminum baskets so they can be mounted directly adjacent to each other, minimizing cabinet frontal area. The tweeter was mounted forward of the loudspeaker baffle to minimize edge diffraction and maximize horizontal dispersion.

The cabinet is constructed with a forward tilt to take advantage of the coverage pattern of the line array waveguide. When it is mounted on a standard speaker pole, the cabinet is automatically at the appropriate downward angle to cover a large room while maintaining outstanding near field sound quality. The DV8 MicroMain is a self powered loudspeaker. The amplifier for the dual 8 is mounted in the rear of the cabinet. The handles Incorporated in the sides, top and bottom of the cabinet extend past the amplifier to protect it in transit.  In keeping with the tradition of packing an immense amount of punch in a very small package, the DV8 MicroMain comes equipped with a 1500 W amplifier. (Big things come in small packages.)


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