BASSBOSS in Austin Chronicle

Feb 1, 2018

“Bassboss Speaker Systems Take Charge of Austin’s Low End”

We were honored to be on the cover of Austin’s free weekly.

“The output is massive – unbelievably loud – but not at the expense of conversation on the dance floor, which Bassboss accomplishes by zeroing in on frequencies associated with speech recognition.”

“Locating Bassboss headquarters visually can prove tricky, but the building’s impossible to miss by ear. Exit Highway 71 for the airport, then make a hard right on Cargo Avenue into a no man’s land of shipping warehouses.


The ABIA tarmac sits right outside the back door, yet only inside the manufacturer’s cavernous showroom does it sound like an airplane just took off.”Better turn down the sensitivity on your recorder,” warns CEO Lian Amber, who handles most of the operations at Bassboss.”Read more on the Austin Chronicle website.