David Lee Blog

January 4, 2017

David Lee Blog

January 4, 2017

DJ Series Design Brief

BASSBOSS DJ18S Powered Subwoofer
We always build loudspeakers to deliver outstanding value.

Designing the DJ Series Subs

We always build loudspeakers to deliver outstanding value. We consider delivering more usable output per cubic volume and per dollar to be the two of the most important considerations when calculating value.

What we found is that some customers’ needs are less demanding of output so they could benefit from products that deliver equal quality but slightly less output in order to keep the price down.

We set about developing a line that provided slightly less extreme levels of SPL and concentrated on delivering the frequency response and sound quality that have proven very popular benefits to owning BASSBOSS products.

As an example of the differences, I’ll compare our new DJ18S Subwoofer to the SSP118 Subwoofer.

The frequency response is essentially the same but the maximum SPL is expected to be 127dB instead of the 130dB that we get from the SSP118 Subwoofer. The amplifier is 1200W RMS instead of 2400W RMS. Both woofers have 4″ voice coils but the DJ18S Subwoofer has a ceramic magnet and slightly less power handling and excursion capabilities. The cabinet is shaped and sized to maximize acoustical efficiency, maximize wood yield but minimize parts count and minimize build complexity.

The DJ18S Subwoofer doesn’t include fly points. It has 2 handles instead of 4. The amp recess is shallower. There is less internal bracing. It doesn’t have interlocking foot pockets for stacking because most of the customers needing these will not need more than 1 per side. It does have mount-points for casters because separate caster boards cost more than just a set of bolt-on wheels.

So the performance is slightly reduced and some of the high-end professional features that few DJs will benefit from have been eliminated. Our goal was to outperform competitors by 2:1 instead of 3:1 or 4:1. Our new DJ18S Subwoofer could be used to replace 2 competing boxes whereas our SSP118 Subwoofer could replace 3 or 4 of the same boxes.

If you can replace 4 boxes with one SSP118 Subwoofer, then the SSP118 Subwoofer is an incredible value, but if you only need to replace 2, now we offer something less extreme and less expensive. (Preliminary)

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Double 18" Subwoofer


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Single 21" Subwoofer


Single 18" Subwoofer

BASSBOSS DJ18S Powered Subwoofer


Single 18" Subwoofer

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