B.O.S.S. Concept Prototype

Sep 15, 2016

The Built On Site Subwoofer B.O.S.S. Concept

BASSBOSS Designer David Lee began the process of developing a new, ground-breaking product with a proto-prototype build of the B.O.S.S. Concept – Built On Site Subwoofer Concept, harnessing the Powersoft M-Drive and M-Force products into BASSBOSS’s own, long-developed horn-loading technologies. On their own, M-Drive and M-Force are formidable components but early investigations into their applications indicated that harnessing their true power would require horn-loading. Their combination of massive motor strength and power delivery are ideal for driving the load that a horn presents to a driver. The limitation facing the combination of the driver and horn is the physical size of the horn necessary to actually load these drivers down and deliver high-efficiency output at VERY low frequencies.

B.O.S.S. Concept first allows the heart of the system, consisting of the primary enclosure, amplifier, driver, cone, differential pressure sensor, zero-latency processor and frame, to be built into a relatively small and easy to transport structure that’s about the size of a large double-18″ subwoofer. It then provides a coupling mechanism for directing the energy into the throat of a horn, and finally it provides the structure for building a 25′ long bass horn from parts that pack and transport flat and are assembled on site.

Using this method, four of the M-System drivers can be made to deliver the SPL equivalent of 32 double-18″ subwoofers, but with low-frequency output solid to 20Hz. Predicted output is 155dB at 20Hz referenced to 1M. This system promises to deliver an experience that the general public has never had. Even the bass-jaded festival-frequenting public will have a visceral and physical experience unlike anything they have previously encountered. This system can be built 8′ high or higher to create walk-in bass horns for the truly bass-insatiable.

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We began the process of designing the first sub recently at an annual art festival. Unfortunately, our supplier made a mistake with the specs and provided the wrong materials for the sides. Being unable to replace it due to the remote nature of the site, we made the best of it and built what we could… and the results were impressive. We’ll be developing this further… stay boomed!