110-220 Converter

110V-220V Conversion Box

Have you ever needed a 220V outlet and all you could find were 120V Edison wall plugs? This device provides a 220 V outlet from two separate 120 V circuits, provided those circuits are on different phases.


• Get 220 Volt Power
• Better Performance
• Higher Output

110V-220V Conversion Box allows you to use two 100 outlet to create a 200 volt power source. A great option for BASSBOSS sub models with 6000 watt amp, 220 V power option.

When the two inputs are connected to separate phases, an indicator light confirms that 208V power is available at the outlet. The outlet is protected by a 20A breaker. The inlets are isolated by relays for safety, so power can't pass back through the device to reach an exposed plug.

If either 120V circuit is unplugged or shut off, all power to the outlet is interrupted so devices that require 220V to operate can't be damaged by low-voltage operation or brown-out. Nominal output voltage for a system of this type in the USA is 208V.  (If your device requires single-phase 240V power you will need to use a transformer system.)

Supplied with one PowerCON to PowerCON jumper and one Edison to PowerCON. Requires the use of the PowerCON that was supplied with the original 6000 Watt amplifier purchase. Intended for use with BASSBOSS 6000W subwoofer amplifiers. (Use with any other device that requires 220V power is possible but do so at your own risk.)