Cables, NL4 - Lifetime Warranty

NL4 Cable Speaker Cable

NL4 speakON cable for connecting your speakers to rack mounted amplification. Heavy duty signal cables for your heavy duty bass needs.



• 13 Gauge Pure Copper Strands
• 4-Conductor Flexible Rubber Jacket
• Neutrik NL4 SpeakON Connectors

Heavy duty durable PVC jacket, Individually tested for performance and quality. Lifetime Warranty! Made in the USA.

All BASSBOSS speaker wires feature 13 gauge pure copper strands, 4-conductor flexible rubber jacket with genuine Neutrik NL4 speakon connectors.

Usage: The NL4 cable is used to get signal to passive cabinets. This cable can run either directly from  the amplifier output to the passive cabinet, or from a cabinet which has been connected to a powered cabinet (daisy chain). It is a rubber jacketed, 4 strand cable with a locking connector.