Power Distro

Power Distro

Suitable for powering BASSBOSS main speakers and subs for up to 8,000 people. Bring your music to the masses with plenty of power.


• 12-space touring rack
• Locking wheels
• Extra space for cable transport

Custom Made BASSBOSS Electrical Distro can supply power for at least 8 double 18" subs and 6 to 12 tops along with monitors, instruments, mixing consoles and processing racks.

The L14-20 outlet allows 2 circuits of 120V/20A to be strung on stage using only one 4-conductor cable. The PowerCON outlets are compact and robust, thanks to their contacts being recessed into the housings, so you never have bent pins. The L6-20 outlets are wired in parallel with two of the PowerCON outlets. L6-20 are common connectors for lighting applications so they are provided in case you need to supply an outlet for lighting. The L6-20 or L14-20 can be substituted for other connectors on request.

Contact us for customizing and ordering info,
•    Single phase, 125A panel
•    400A Camlok inlets
•    6x20A 120V Edison duplex outlets on 4 independent breakers
•    8 x 20A, 220V circuits with PowerCON outlets
•    2 x 20A L6-20 outlets (or alternatives)
•    2 x L14-20 4-wire, dual 20A stringer outlets