Powercon Loop Through Connector Cables

Powercon Loop Through Connector Cables

The powerCON Jumper cables provide a power link between multiple powered loudspeakers. Featuring one white and one blue powerCON connector with 8' of 3-conductor cable.


• Locking 3 conductor equipment AC connector
• Rugged, locking mechanism
• Lifetime Warranty, Made in the USA

PowerCON Jumper Cables - PowerCON White to PowerCON Blue. The powerCON™ is a locking 3 conductor equipment AC connector with contacts for line and neutral, plus a pre-mating ground contact. It is a very rugged solution with a locking mechanism in order to guarantee a safe and secure power connection. These connectors are rated for 20A (USA) at either 120V or 240V operation.

The color of the connector ends indicates the flow of electricity. Power flows from the white connectors to the blue connectors. The blue cable-end connector plugs into the blue connector on the amplifier. The white connector, when provided, offers a pass-through connection from the electrical power source. The total current draw of all devices connected to a single PowerCON™ input must not exceed 20A.