LA88 Powered Line Array

Clean and Mean Output Machine

BASSBOSS LA88 Powered Line Array Loudspeaker

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Extraordinarily powerful, massive output

  • Compact, Hi-Fidelity, True Line Array
  • Ultra-Wide Horizontal Coverage
  • Superior Projection of High Frequencies

A small-format line-array with big features and big performance. Delivers a remarkable combination of flat frequency response, high output, broad coverage and long throw.

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LA88 Line Array

Ready to Roll

WHY CHOOSE an LA88 Line Array?

Remarkable output for a speaker of its size.

Capable of extremely high SPL, extreme clarity, and a full and rich presence. In many ways it outperforms much larger and heavier cabinets. LA88’s full-range frequency response is +-3dB from 50 to 18,000 Hz. The 8″ drivers feature a low resonance frequency and outstanding bass performance. This gives the LA88 the voice and character of a much larger enclosure.

Ultra-wide horizontal coverage of 140 degrees  helps to provide consistent, intelligible coverage to audience areas that are to the far left and right of the hangs, filling the center and outer areas extraordinarily well. Using a narrow aperture wave-guide and then rapidly transitioning the output to a flat fascia accomplishes this extremely wide coverage. To further enhance off-axis performance, the entire high frequency wave-guide assembly and fascia is mounted forward of the loudspeaker baffle. This minimizes edge reflections and delivers consistent and extended horizontal dispersion.

No need to hold back!

BASSBOSS Tops and MicroMains are optimized and protected for safe, high-power operation.

All BASSBOSS loudspeakers are complete systems. Optimized cabinet design, premium quality drivers, power-matched amplification and comprehensive processing ensure that no matter the demand, they keep their cool, keep their character and keep on working.

So don't doubt - turn it up! Great sound feels good.

BASSBOSS has been a very important part of our success.

The system is amazing. I have nothing but great things to say about the line array!  Going on two years now…  :-)”

~ Thorsten Pfeffer, Club La Vela


Hand-Built Cabinets

BASSBOSS LA88 Powered Line Array LoudspeakerThe LA88 cabinet features innovations in performance and practicality.  The 8″ woofers are rear-loaded into a vented enclosure for low frequency performance. They are also front-loaded into a multi-aperture wave-guide that increases mid-range sensitivity, distributes mid-range energy evenly over the height of the cabinet while reducing the acoustical source spacing to enhance coupling and projection of mid-range frequencies, and also broadens horizontal dispersion.

Fixed-Point Flyware ensures absolutely consistent box-to-box alignment.  The high-frequency device spacing remains the same within the boxes and from box to box because the cabinets are machined to allow the wave guides to exit within 1/4″ of the cabinet edge. To maintain this precision vertical alignment, the front connections of the flyware are hinged at a single point, which allows no front-to-back slack, so the physical alignment in the direction that influences the time domain also remains consistent from box to box.

LA88 Powered Line Array

BASSBOSS cabinets are CNC machined and hand-built in the USA. Constructed from 15mm Baltic Birch plywood, using dado joints, screws and advanced composite adhesives.

Created to stand up to intense use. The cabinet is finished in an extremely rugged, black polyurethane coating. Rolling ground-support carts, heavy duty padded covers and road-cases are available to make transporting the arrays easy and safe.

BASSBOSS subwoofers are available to fly above or support below the LA88s to extend system performance to below 30Hz. The LA88’s remarkable output can be combined with subwoofers for increased LF output level and massively extended low frequency response. Several options are available including 15”, 18” and 21” versions. Flyware-equipped subwoofers can be used as ground-supports for arrays of up to 6 LA88 boxes.

Prodigious Amplification

The decision to make a 3000W small-format line-array was based on practicality and logic. A highly-amplified, small, lightweight and versatile cabinet that can array in multiples for outstanding performance is the best way to take advantage of all the benefits of line-array technology.

Longer lines offer better vertical directivity. Multiple smaller line segments provide superior and more detailed control of vertical coverage. Thus for the same weight, a larger quantity of small, powerful boxes offers better performance, coverage and control than fewer, bigger boxes.

Exceptional dynamic resolution and detail along with precise control. Low current draw and light weight relative to the output capacity means you can provide intense sound with less power and less space.

All the processing necessary for linear frequency response and phase coherent operation are pre-programmed into the DSP. With the comprehensive processing built in, BASSBOSS loudspeakers provide the ease of plug-and-play operation and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the multiple limiter systems make to system virtually indestructible.

Rugged Drivers

Electrical power is converted into acoustical energy by a pair of 8″ neodymium motor woofers. These premium-quality, drivers feature 2″ copper voice coils, and peak-to-peak excursion capability of up to 16mm.

High-intensity Neodymium magnets are lighter and provide higher efficiency so the result is a lighter and louder cabinet. A copper shorting cap provides for increased high frequency response and reduced distortion and a ventilated voice coil gap improves cooling and reduces thermal compression.

The cones are waterproofed to protect them from possible, accidental exposure to moisture such as rain or spilled beverages. Waterproofed woofer cones also permit the cleaning of drivers that have been soiled in a dirty or dusty environment with the use of a damp cloth. Keep the amplifiers dry and party on!

Waterproofed cones in all products. Optional weatherized and weather resistant loudspeakers have the same acoustical performance as our standard options. If your system is likely to be exposed to rain, ask about IP rated amplification options. If you have need of a system for outdoor installation, ask about Weatherized products.

High frequencies are handled by two 1″ throat compression drivers featuring 44mm aluminum voice coils and Polyimide diaphragms mounted to two 1″ x 4″ exit, cast aluminum isophasic wave guides.

Focused Tuning


BASSBOSS speakers can be connected directly to your mixer with nothing but signal cable in between. The built-in processing is comprehensive and includes all necessary high-pass and low-pass filters along with equalization and phase alignment processing to ensure coherent response when deployed with BASSBOSS subwoofers.

There is no need for any additional EQ in the signal path for the speaker to provide a broad, flat frequency response. Sophisticated DSP programming ensures the speakers deliver consistent sound quality no matter the input level.

Plug-and play with peace of mind. Multiple, sophisticated protection systems make the loudspeaker virtually indestructible. You can turn on and turn up, all night, without fear of over-driving to the point of damage.


True Specifications

BASSBOSS technical specs are based on measurements of continuous performance in normal usage. Other manufacturers may specify output based on calculations rather than measurements; measurements outside the operating bandwidth; or on ‘Burst’ or ‘Peak’ readings.

BASSBOSS specifications are conservative compared to most manufacturers. They reflect what the products will achieve, consistently, in the real world. Since the real world is where you’ll be using your gear. 

Read more about BASSBOSS Designer David Lee’s specifications philosophy on ProSoundNetwork.



Loudspeaker DescriptionSmall format Dual 8 in. Line Array
Frequency Response (±3 dB)50 – 19,000 Hz (Full-Range) 100-19,000 Hz (Satellite Mode)
Maximum Sustained Output129 dB
Max SPL (Peak)*138 dB
Nominal Dispersion (°H x °V)140 x 8


Amplifier3000 W – Two-Channel Powersoft Class D Digital Amplifier
DSPIntegrated comprehensive DSP provides high pass, low pass, equalization, phase alignment and limiting
Electrical ConnectorsNeutrik Powercon in and through
Voltage Operating Range90-250V. Auto-sensing, auto switching universal supply
Current Draw, Nominal3A @ 1/8 power
Signal Input ConnectorXLR-F
Signal Output ConnectorXLR-M pass-through only


Enclosure Type2-way line array. Vented LF section with multi-aperture midrange loading, horn-loaded HF section
TransducerLF: Two 8 in. dia (200 mm) neodymium motor woofers with 2 in. (51mm) copper winding voice coil. HF: Two 1.7 in. (44mm) diaphragm compression driver on 1 in. throat isophasic wave guides
Cabinet Construction15mm Baltic Birch plywood. Integrated cabinet handles
FlywareIntegrated aluminum line array flyware, adjustable in one degree increments, with fixed front pivot point
Dimensions (HxWxD)24 in. wide x 19 in. deep x 9.5 in. tall (front); 7 in. tall (back) without flyware; 26.25 in. wide x 11 in. tall (front) x 7 in. tall (back) x 19 in. deep with flyware
Net Weight55 lbs
Shipping Weight65 lbs
Exterior FinishWeatherproof bonded high-pressure polyurethane
GrillDiffraction aperture cut aluminum fascia


Array Frame (Bumper Bar)Support frame Light for up to twelve cabinets or Heavy for up to twenty four cabinets
CaseHeavy-duty clam-shell hard case
Wheel DollyMultibox rolling cart/ground support bracket

Our proactive philosophy causes specifications to be subject to change whenever improvements are made.

*Peak output is calculated using “industry standard” techniques. These calculation methods create theoretical specifications that are inflated over what can actually be achieved. BASSBOSS real world output specifications are provided as “Maximum Sustained Output” ratings, which reflect actual measured, continuous output levels.


LA88 Powered Line Array

BASSBOSS LA88 Powered Line Array Loudspeaker

LA88 Powered Line Array

The LA88 is a small-format line-array with big features and big performance. It delivers a remarkable combination of flat frequency response, high output, broad coverage and long throw.



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