AT212-3K Powered Top

Supreme simplicity and ease of use

BASSBOSS AT212-3K Powered Top Loudspeaker

Power Tool

Bring Less, Do More
  • High Output, Slim, Low Profile
  • Self-Powered, Self Processing
  • Flyable Horizontally or Vertically

The AT212 Attuned Top is a 2-way, self-powered, bi-amplified loudspeaker for short to medium distance coverage.

Simple to use, with high output, smooth sound and natural musical character.

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AT212 Powered Top

Arrayable Highoutput Powerhouse


The light weight, power and efficiency of the AT212 make it ideal for providers who want to deliver high output but prefer not to move heavy cabinets.

Intended for use with a subwoofer system to complete a 3-way active full-range system. The AT212 has a tall, slim design allows the HF horn to stand above crowds when the cabinet is stacked on subwoofers and the light weight of the cabinet makes stacking easy for one person. One-man set up of a substantial system is made easy because the AT212 cabinets weigh only 89 lbs.

The advantages offered by BASSBOSS tops are their coherence, accuracy, dynamic resolution and robust reliability. These tops are designed to integrate with the BASSBOSS subwoofers to create accurate, dynamic and coherent systems that work together to ensure the best possible results from top to bottom.

No need to hold back!

BASSBOSS Tops and MicroMains are optimized and protected for safe, high-power operation.

All BASSBOSS loudspeakers are complete systems. Optimized cabinet design, premium quality drivers, power-matched amplification and comprehensive processing ensure that no matter the demand, they keep their cool, keep their character and keep on working.

So don't doubt - turn it up! Great sound feels good.


Hand-Built Cabinets

The AT212 is a 2-Way active, powered and processed mid-high loudspeaker. At only 89 lbs it is particularly well suited to applications where light weight is required. One-person set-up of a substantial system is easy and quick.

The cabinet is built of 15mm Baltic Birch plywood. It features an 18mm baffle, with dado joinery, 4 steel bar handles, and a 15 degree side angle trapezoid shape. The cabinet features 5 handles and 8 fly points, with 80 x 60 degree rotatable coverage for multiple applications including ground stack and horizontal or verticle flying.

Weatherized versions are available for outdoor installations. Rack-mounted amplification and waterproof input connections along with a fiberglass underlayed finish, silicone sealed gaskets, stainless steel grill and hardware and a hydrophobic grill cloth are optional.

The AT212 cabinets can be combined in arrays of 3 or more cabinets. The horn can be rotated and the boxes packed side-by-side to form arrays that cover 90, 120, 150, 180 degrees and more.

BASSBOSS cabinets are hand-built in the USA. Constructed from 15mm Baltic Birch plywood, using dado joints, screws and advanced composite adhesives.

Created to stand up to intense usage. The cabinet is finished in an extremely rugged, black polyurethane coating. Drivers are protected by a black powdercoated, perforated steel grill, and the amp is recessed into the back of the cabinet for protection from damage, direct sun and moisture.

Prodigious Amplification

The amplifier consists of 2 channels with a total of 3,000W. The amplifier features extremely high dynamic power capacity, with 150 Volts peak output per channel, along with high damping of >10000:1 Efficient, PFC power supply and class D output topology.

Exceptional dynamic resolution and detail along with precise control. It offers low current draw and light weight relative to the output capacity.

All the processing necessary for linear frequency response and phase coherent operation are pre-programmed into the DSP. With the comprehensive processing built in, BASSBOSS loudspeakers provide the ease of plug-and-play operation and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the multiple limiter systems make to system virtually indestructible.

Rugged Drivers

The AT212 vented cabinet features 2 x 12″ mid-bass drivers and a 1.4″ throat horn-loaded compression driver. The low-frequency section features a pair of 12″ woofers in a vented enclosure. The woofers feature cast aluminum baskets, neodymium motors and 4″ diameter voice coils. The high-frequency section features a 2.5″ voice coil, 1.4″ exit compression driver loaded on an 80 degree by 60 degree cast aluminum horn.

All the drivers feature Neodymium motor structures for the highest efficiency to weight ratio. The LF drivers have 4″ voice coils and the 1.4″ exit compression driver has a 2.5″ voice coil. The woofer coils are copper whereas the compression driver voice coil is aluminum. High-intensity Neodymium magnets are lighter and provide higher efficiency so the result is a lighter and louder cabinet.

The cones are waterproofed to protect them from possible, accidental exposure to moisture such as rain or spilled beverages. Waterproofed woofer cones also permit the cleaning of drivers that have been soiled in a dirty or dusty environment with the use of a damp cloth. Keep the amplifiers dry and party on!

Waterproofed cones in all products. Optional weatherized and weather resistant loudspeakers have the same acoustical performance as our standard options. If your system is likely to be exposed to rain, ask about IP rated amplification options. If you have need of a system for outdoor installation, ask about Weatherized products.

Focused Tuning

BASSBOSS speakers can be connected directly to your mixer with nothing but signal cable in between. The built-in processing is comprehensive and includes all necessary high-pass and low-pass filters along with equalization and phase alignment processing to ensure coherent response when deployed with BASSBOSS subwoofers.

There is no need for any additional EQ in the signal path for the speaker to provide a broad, flat frequency response. Sophisticated DSP programming ensures the speakers deliver consistent sound quality no matter the input level.

Plug-and play with peace of mind. Multiple, sophisticated protection systems make the loudspeaker virtually indestructible. You can turn on and turn up, all night, without fear of over-driving to the point of damage.

True Specifications

BASSBOSS technical specs are based upon measurements of continuous performance capabilities in normal usage. Other manufacturers may specify output based on calculations rather than measurements; measurements outside the operating bandwidth; or on ‘Burst’ or ‘Peak’ readings.

BASSBOSS specifications are conservative compared to most manufacturers. They reflect what the products will achieve, consistently, in the real world. Since the real world is where you’ll be using your gear. 

Read more about BASSBOSS Designer David Lee’s specifications philosophy on ProSoundNetwork.



Rockin mains

Change the program and brighten the sound, adding decibels to the horns. Plug and play baby!


Pure sound without the weight

Barrett Clark 

These are amazing speakers!

The clarity and definition in the highs and mids rivals some speakers 2 to 4 times the price!(think Meyer, danley, D&B, F1…etc) then the low end punch adds everything you would want from a speaker! The throw is amazing, from about 300 feet I could still define a stereo field. They can be lifted by 1 person! I have yet to be able to push them all the way because I don’t need to, but it’s nice to know I have headroom! And they stack perfectly on two sp118s to make a very intimidating rig!! Can’t recommend this company enough!



Loudspeaker Description
Full Range 2-way Active Vented, 80 x 60 degree (rotatable) coverage for multiple
applications: ground stack and horizontal or vertical flying
Frequency Response (±3 dB)45 – 18,000 Hz
SensitivityLF: 107dB; HF:107dB
Maximum Sustained Output136 dB
Max SPL (Peak)*139 dB
Nominal Dispersion (H° x V°)80 x 60 (Rotatable)


Amplification3000 Watt 2 Channel Powersoft Class D Amplifier
ProcessingIntegrated comprehensive DSP provides high pass, low pass, equalization, phase alignment and limiting
Electrical Connectors, AmplifierNeutrik powerCON Input (Blue) NAC3FCA, Neutrik powerCON Through (Grey) NAC3FCA
Electrical Connector, MainsStandard US 3-pin 120V electrical plug: NEMA 5-15 (Edison)
Voltage Operating Range90-250V. Auto-sensing, auto-switching, PFC universal power supply.
Current Draw, Nominal3.6A @ 120 Volts;  2A @ 220 Volts, (typical, 1/8 max power)
Signal Input ConnectorXLR-F
Signal Output ConnectorXLR-M (pass-through only)


Enclosure Type2-way, Active, Full Range. Direct radiating vented LF section, horn-loaded HF section
Transducer (Low Frequency)2 x 12 in. diameter (300 mm) neodymium motor woofer with 3.5 in. (89 mm) voice coil, waterproof cone
Transducer (High Frequency)1 x 1.4 in. exit 2.5 in. (63.5 mm) voice coil compression driver mounted to 80 by 60 degree constant directivity horn
Cabinet Construction18 mm Baltic Birch plywood, 15mm braced sides, dado joinery, 4 steel bar handles, 30 degree  trapezoid
Dimensions (HxWxD)47.75 in. x 14.3 in. x 17.75 in. with 5.3 in. wide rear
Net Weight89 lbs
Shipping Weight99 lbs
Exterior FinishRugged, weatherproof, black textured, bonded high-pressure polyurethane coating
GrillPerforated, powder-coated steel
Pole Sockets1 (35 mm)
Handles4 Steel Handles


Suspension SystemFour x 3/8” – 16 TPI on centerline top and bottom
Flying HardwareShoulder Eye Bolts, for use when flying cabinets vertically; Side-pull Anchors, for use when flying cabinets horizontally. Flying Array Bracket, Allows arrays of cabinets to be flown from two points
Ground Stack Array BracketHolds cabinets in tight-pack array when stacked on subs
CoversHeavy-duty padded nylon transport covers for 1 or 2 cabinets

Our proactive philosophy causes specifications to be subject to change whenever improvements are made.

*Peak output is calculated using “industry standard” techniques. These calculation methods create theoretical specifications that are inflated over what can actually be achieved. BASSBOSS real world output specifications are provided as “Maximum Sustained Output” ratings, which reflect actual measured, continuous output levels.


AT212-3K Powered Top

BASSBOSS AT212-3K Powered Top Loudspeaker

AT212-3K Attuned Top is a 2-way, self-powered, bi-amplified loudspeaker for short to medium distance coverage. Simple to use, with high output, smooth sound and natural musical character.


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