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DiaMon 112 Powered Top

How does so much sound fit in here?!

Stylish, confident, adaptable

  • Co-Axial Point Source
  • Ultra Small Size, Light Weight
  • Stunning Output-To-Size Ratio

The DiaMon 112 is a very compact, high-output, self-powered loudspeaker. The DiaMon 112 can be used with up to two double 18” subwoofers for each cabinet, and deliver all the mid-high you need to keep up with them. As a DJ monitor it provides tight, punchy performance and doesn’t distort at extremely high levels.

Interested in a rack powered solution? Check out the DiaMon 112 Remote Powered Top.


Specs  |  Design  |  Reviews
DiaMon 112 Powered Top
Specs  |  Design  |  Reviews



Micro Monster

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30 Day
Money Back Guarantee

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The DiaMon 112 is literally packed with the best components and technology money can buy, the whole point of which is to do more with less. The output of this little box is totally out of proportion to its size. It sounds much bigger than it looks and has the ability to maintain crystal clarity even at the upper limits of its very remarkable output.

The advantages offered by BASSBOSS tops are their coherence, accuracy, dynamic resolution and robust reliability. These tops are designed to integrate with the BASSBOSS subwoofers to create accurate, dynamic and coherent systems that work together to ensure the best possible results from top to bottom.

QuoteThis ridiculous box is your voice.

It’s the one who brings the snap of your snare, the raging leads of your guitar; the one who looks at your synth and laughs when it shoves pure analog screaming distortion into it’s throat to sing to your audience.”

~ Glen Allan | Chaos System

No need to hold back!

BASSBOSS Tops are optimized and protected for safe, high-power operation.

All BASSBOSS loudspeakers are complete systems. Optimized cabinet design, premium quality drivers, power-matched amplification and comprehensive processing ensure that no matter the demand, they keep their cool, keep their character and keep on working.

So don’t doubt – turn it up! Great sound feels good.


True Specifications

BASSBOSS technical specs are based upon measurements of continuous performance capabilities in normal usage. Other manufacturers may specify output based on calculations rather than measurements; measurements outside the operating bandwidth; or on ‘Burst’ or ‘Peak’ readings.

BASSBOSS specifications are conservative compared to most manufacturers. They reflect what the products will achieve, consistently, in the real world. Since the real world is where you’ll be using your gear. 

Read more about BASSBOSS Designer David Lee’s specifications philosophy on ProSoundNetwork.

Our proactive philosophy causes specifications to be subject to change whenever improvements are made.

*Peak output is calculated using “industry standard” techniques. These calculation methods create theoretical specifications that are inflated over what can actually be achieved. BASSBOSS real world output specifications are provided as “Maximum Sustained Output” ratings, which reflect actual measured, continuous output levels.

Our proactive philosophy causes specifications to be subject to change whenever improvements are made.

*Peak output is calculated using “industry standard” techniques. These calculation methods create theoretical specifications that are inflated over what can actually be achieved. BASSBOSS real world output specifications are provided as “Maximum Sustained Output” ratings, which reflect actual measured, continuous output levels.


Hand-Built Cabinets

The cabinets are constructed from 15mm Baltic Birch plywood, assembled using dado joints, screws and advanced composite adhesives. Stainless steel hardware secures the amplifier and pole sockets. The cabinet is finished in an extremely rugged, black polyurethane coating. The drivers are protected by a black powder-coated, perforated steel grill. A decorative aluminum faceplate is available in several designs. Customized grills are also an option.

The DiaMon 112 cabinet has 3 forward-facing ports that surround the driver for coherent low frequency output. One port is located at the top of the cabinet to allow the amplifier and driver heat to escape, with two more on either side to allow cool air to access the heat sink and amplifier. Together they provide superior flow-through cooling for the electronics. The cabinet is made of 15mm Baltic Birch and includes a standard 35mm pole socket that is set to the rear of the cabinet to promote a slight downward angle when the speaker is mounted on a pole.

The DiaMon 112 is a 2-way, active, powered and processed mid-high loudspeaker. The DiaMon 112 is a near-field to medium distance monitor with wide, uniform dispersion. The vented cabinet features a 12″ mid-bass driver with a 1.4″ throat co-axial high-frequency driver.

Intended to be used with subwoofers. It can be mounted on a pole above a subwoofer to perform as a DJ monitor or main speaker for portable applications and they can be mounted on walls and ceilings around dance floors for permanent installations. As a live reinforcement speaker, this versatile box provides consistent sound quality over a wide dispersion pattern with excellent resistance to feedback.

Optional Mounting Hardware. Mounting Brackets: Wall, Ceiling and Desk Mount options are available.

Prodigious Amplification

The DiaMon 112 is extremely compact, with a tremendous amount of power and output capacity jammed into a very small space. Almost the entire front surface of the loudspeaker is radiating area and the tiny enclosure houses a 1500W amplifier and a comprehensive DSP.

The amplifier consists of 2 channels with a total of 1500W. The amplifier features a universal automatic voltage selection, regulated switch mode power supply with Power Factor Correction along with a 0.5W standby current draw. It also provides superior control with a high damping of >10000:1 from the class D output topology.

The on-board DSP features high-pass and low pass filters, phase alignment processing, equalization and multiple limiter functions. There are 4 presets available within the DSP which allow the speaker to be tailored to suit the environment and application.

All the processing necessary for linear frequency response and phase coherent operation are pre-programmed into the DSP. With the comprehensive processing built in, BASSBOSS loudspeakers provide the ease of plug-and-play operation and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the multiple limiter systems make to system virtually indestructible.

Rugged Drivers

Co-Axial driver, featuring a Neodymium motor structure for the highest efficiency to weight ratio. The LF and HF drivers share a common magnet structure to save space and weight and feature 3″ diameter voice coils. The HF compression driver exits through a 1.4″ diameter throat, down a machined aluminum horn, through an acoustically transparent dust cap. The coverage pattern is 80 degrees conical. The woofer coil is copper, and the compression driver voice coil is aluminum.

High-intensity Neodymium magnets are lighter to provide higher efficiency. The result is a lighter and louder cabinet. Co-axially aligned drivers allow the cabinet frontal area to be much smaller than a conventional loudspeaker to provide a more coherent acoustical point source, resulting in more consistent sound quality regardless of the listener’s position.

The cones are waterproofed to protect them from possible, accidental exposure to moisture such as rain or spilled beverages. Waterproofed woofer cones also permit the cleaning of drivers that have been soiled in a dirty or dusty environment with the use of a damp cloth. Keep the amplifiers dry and party on!

Waterproofed cones in all products. Optional weatherized and weather resistant loudspeakers have the same acoustical performance as our standard options. If your system is likely to be exposed to rain, ask about IP rated amplification options. If you have need of a system for outdoor installation, ask about Weatherized products.

Focused Tuning

BASSBOSS speakers can be connected directly to your mixer with nothing but signal cable in between. The built-in processing is comprehensive and includes all necessary high-pass and low-pass filters along with equalization and phase alignment processing to ensure coherent response when deployed with BASSBOSS subwoofers.

There is no need for any additional EQ in the signal path for the speaker to provide a broad, flat frequency response. Sophisticated DSP programming ensures the speakers deliver consistent sound quality no matter the input level.

Plug-and play with peace of mind. Multiple, sophisticated protection systems make the loudspeaker virtually indestructible. You can turn on and turn up, all night, without fear of over-driving to the point of damage.


There is nothing harsh, or unclean in these – just beautiful sound.

Nate Howell

The DJ112s sound amazing at low, medium, or loud volumes, and these can get VERY loud!

There are speakers that reproduce and play music, and then there is music that plays to YOU, through speakers, and these fall into the latter category. I have always looked for a speaker that was capable of keeping up with my Focal home speakers… something that would impress me the way they do… something that would play every piece of music effortlessly, that would sound how music is meant to sound. I’ve always searched for speakers that would let the music pass through and MOVE me…to have the music speak to my soul, to take me away, to snag my mind away from this life, to release it in a journey of emotion, passion, and peace. I have finally found what I’ve been looking for.


Gregory Selph, Treehouse Miami

We have put our new DiaMon DJ112 monitors through a pretty tortuous three month test drive, and no disappointments.

Performance monitors were the last piece of the puzzle for our new booth build in the front room, and David got the DiaMons built for us just in time to make this year’s 2013 Winter Music Conference.

DJs love this room – it’s smaller than our main room and has a more intimate, super warm feel and impeccable sound (from BASSBOSS) until you got to the booth. The one and only complaint had always been the inferior monitors. “We love playing this room but the monitors can’t keep up with the system since the BASSBOSS install”.

I was a bit hesitant to be the first to install the new DiaMons. I would normally go with a time-tested sure thing however BASSBOSS assured me these were a winner.

The install was a piece of cake – effortless – like all the BASSBOSS gear: plug & play. I love the super compact design which gave us a lot more useable space on our deck, and the look is super unique – like a couple of tech diamonds. The customers and DJs both take time to check these when they come in, it’s an ultra forward design that you just don’t see in any other clubs in Miami.

Looks aside, if they didn’t take the beatings our system took each night then it wouldn’t matter how great they look. So about this point I should say thank you BASSBOSS team – thank you for steering us into these monitors. When techno labels like Minus, Mindshake, Drumcode, Get Physical and Cocoon Heroes are our guests, the last thing we need is technical deficiencies. Especially the European DJs – they love it – I love it.

Seriously kicked ass without any sweat broken

Glen Allan, Chaos System

Look… This “little” box will literally blast the crap out of your space. You’ve got 1500 watts of tuned power doing things your brain says aren’t possible. But that’s still because you haven’t got it.

What this (again) “little” box does, is complete the needs of something much bigger. it sits there and says: “Oh, you got bass? Well… I can blow the shit out of the rest of what you can’t do, as long as you promise not to make me try to go low.” See… This ridiculous box is your voice. It’s the one who brings the snap of your snare, the raging leads of your guitar; the one who looks at your synth and laughs when it shoves pure analog screaming distortion into it’s throat to sing to your audience.

These diamond shaped little cabs pretend to be as pretty as they are, to fool you into thinking they can’t be enough… Until, just for the fun of it, they rip a 124dB hole in your eardrum without breaking a sweat. And that my friends is 124dB of high/mids, where the frequencies shred out of the box with ease, easily matching the higher decibels of the subs you choose to play with them.

And really, for what they do, they aren’t really that small. These babies are 30 lbs of massive high/mid output that don’t even blink at your ideas of loud. And again, to be clear… They, like the ZV18’s, are not the kind of loud which hurts. They also just fill up the room will their genuine and clean understanding of musical physics, and remind you why you liked music to begin with. The thing that throws this all off is that fancy shmancy use of the coaxial driver, which makes this the real point source cabinet it is.

In real use, these boxes have done nothing but seriously kicked ass without any sweat broken. And like with the ZV18’s, I’ve never yet tried to blast them just to find out, but I’ve also never needed to adjust their volume much. The thing about higher mids and up, is that they cut through and know their place. Adding a bunch more bass on the low end demonstrably doesn’t require you then crank these to match. More so, you are just filling the environment more fully with all the bass it can take while these guys rock their frequencies right through it all and into your brain.

I’m completely blown away!!

DJ Luke Hunter, Treehouse Miami

Okay the BASSBOSS subs have been impressive for several years now, but just heard the two DiaMon DJ112 Monitors during my set at Treehouse Miami and I’m completely blown away!!

The absolute best sound

John Kiousis, Kong’s Ultra Night Club

When only the absolute best sound with no compromise will do in your nightclub bassboss products are the Lambo of PA speakers and subs. Every single component in the construction of the product down to the amplifiers they use are all the best possible parts available. If you are serious about your sound, BASSBOSS.


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