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DV12-MKII Powered Top

Super-sonic, Bass-ilicious, Booty-docius

Redefine what a 12″ top can do

Pristine Full-Range Power
  • 3000 RMS Watt Amp
  • Invertible Array
  • Full Range/Satellite Mode

Extremely high output and uniform energy dispersion over a very wide and deep sound field.

The DV12-MKII single 12″ Top offers ultra high-fidelity, full-range music reproduction, excellent speech intelligibility, extremely wide dispersion, and even sound projection over distance. The MKII update has brought deeper frequency response, better performance, and improved ergonomics.

With frequency range now down at ±3 dB to 40 Hz in full range mode, the DV12-MKII offers more bass output than many mass-market subs.


Specs  |  Design  |  Reviews
DV12-MKII Powered Top
Specs  |  Design  |  Reviews




Full Satisfaction
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

30 Day
Money Back Guarantee

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Designed for incredible sonic clarity and true full-range performance, the DV12-MKII is simply the best single 12″ top on the market.

New features:

  • High-performance 4” voice coil woofer features increased excursion and power handling capabilities with copper shorting rings for reduced distortion.
  • Upgraded compression driver from a 2.5″ to 3″ diaphragm, featuring smoother frequency response and increased sensitivity.
  • Updated cabinet tuning takes advantage of improved low-frequency performance of new woofer.
  • Multiple handles have been added, making set-up even easier.
  • Specialty brackets available for arraying and rigging pairs of cabinets.

The new woofer in the DV12-MKII was chosen because it offers extremely high power handling and sensitivity, which translates into high output at low frequencies. The design also provides extended, smooth mid range response. It has a 4 inch voice coil and a Neodymium motor structure with large vents for cooling and copper shorting rings for improved midrange performance and lower distortion.

The DV12-MKII is a high-impact, wide dispersion and long-throw cabinet with the ability to fill many venues without the need for a subwoofer. In Satellite Mode, when the DV12-MKII is paired with a BASSBOSS sub, its abundant power is used to provide even higher output levels in the mid and high ranges. With extreme SPL for its size, it offers significantly more output than competing cabinets.

Ultra-wide 120 degree horizontal dispersion covers wide audience areas easily. Its line-array wave-guide provides tight vertical pattern control resulting in improved clarity at greater distances. This design also provides more even sound level over those distances than conventional horns.

The DV12 has the BASSBOSS Invertible Array feature which provides for coherent summing of two arrayed boxes. This allows the system’s output to be scaled up significantly without compromising sound quality or coverage. The two line array wave guides couple to provide coverage for much larger audiences with only 2 boxes per side.

QuoteIn full range, they sound like there are two subs with each of them!

They have tons of transient response!! This is a game changer. No need for hauling around a sub to smaller events.

~ Blake Biellier | TechHipp

No need to hold back!

BASSBOSS Tops are optimized and protected for safe, high-power operation.

All BASSBOSS loudspeakers are complete systems. Optimized cabinet design, premium quality drivers, power-matched amplification and comprehensive processing ensure that no matter the demand, they keep their cool, keep their character and keep on working.

So don’t doubt – turn it up! Great sound feels good.


True Specifications

BASSBOSS technical specs are based on measurements of continuous performance in normal usage. Other manufacturers may specify output based on calculations rather than measurements; measurements outside the operating bandwidth; or on ‘Burst’ or ‘Peak’ readings.

BASSBOSS specifications are conservative compared to most manufacturers. They reflect what the products will achieve, consistently, in the real world. Since the real world is where you’ll be using your gear. 

Read more about BASSBOSS Designer David Lee’s specifications philosophy on ProSoundNetwork.

Our proactive philosophy causes specifications to be subject to change whenever improvements are made.

*Peak output is calculated using “industry standard” techniques. These calculation methods create theoretical specifications that are inflated over what can actually be achieved. BASSBOSS real world output specifications are provided as “Maximum Sustained Output” ratings, which reflect actual measured, continuous output levels.

Our proactive philosophy causes specifications to be subject to change whenever improvements are made.

*Peak output is calculated using “industry standard” techniques. These calculation methods create theoretical specifications that are inflated over what can actually be achieved. BASSBOSS real world output specifications are provided as “Maximum Sustained Output” ratings, which reflect actual measured, continuous output levels.


Hand-Built Cabinets

The DV12 is a 2-way active, powered, processed, full-range, direct radiating loudspeaker. The cabinet is shaped to counteract standing wave reflections as well as provide the ideal down-angle orientation for optimum audience coverage.

The cabinet shape and driver orientation allow for “Invertible Arraying”, providing seamless, high-frequency summing of two boxes. A very large port maximizes low frequency performance, particularly at high output.

The handles are incorporated in the back of the cabinet and extend past the amplifier to protect it in transit. The cabinets are constructed from 15mm multi-ply Poplar core Baltic Birch plywood, assembled using dado joints, screws and advanced composite adhesives. Stainless steel bolts are used to secure the drivers, amplifier and pole sockets.

With handles designed for ergonomic and balanced transport, it is very easy to manage. The cabinet is compact, only 24.5″ High, 14″ Wide, 17″ deep. It weighs just 49 pounds and is made of high-quality poplar wood. The DV12 is built and assembled in the USA.

The cabinet is finished in an extremely rugged, black polyurethane coating. The woofer is protected by a black powdercoated, perforated steel grill.

Optional Stacking Bracket: Adjustable bracket set, mounts second cabinet inverted for near-perfect summed response and line-array style performance. Provides splay-angle adjustment from 0 to 8 degrees. Optional Flying Bracket: Two DV12s can be arrayed together and flown from the DV12 array flying bracket. Optional Shoulder Eye Bolts: For use when flying cabinets vertically. Optional Side-pull anchors: For use when flying cabinets connected by stacking bracket to Truss.

Prodigious Amplification

The amplifier consists of 2 channels with a total of 3,000W. The amplifier features extremely high dynamic power capacity, with 150 Volts peak output per channel, along with high damping of >10000:1 Efficient, PFC power supply and class D output topology.

The DV12 provides high output and uniform energy dispersion over a very wide and deep sound field. The cabinets are vertically arrayable in pairs, with the pairs offering coherent high-frequency summing for extended projection (aka throw), a tightened vertical dispersion pattern and no loss of horizontal dispersion or the “comb filtering” associated with conventional side-by-side arraying.

The DV series is ideal for DJs and sound system providers who need the ability to scale between two smaller systems and one larger system. The seamless coupling feature of the DV12s makes them much more versatile than any other choice on the market because they offer the extremely wide 120-degree horizontal coverage whether using one or two per side AND the choice of tighter, the same, or expanded vertical coverage when using two per side. When you expand to own more than one pair of DV12s, you can use them in multiple rooms, on separate gigs, or seamlessly coupled to serve much larger rooms.

Rugged Drivers

The vented cabinet features a 12″ woofer with a 1.4″ throat compression driver on a 120 degree by 20 degree isophasic wave guide. Ultra-wide horizontal coverage of 120 degrees helps to provide consistent, intelligible coverage to audience areas that are to the far left and right, outside the coverage of ordinary portable loudspeakers.

This extremely wide coverage is made possible through the use of a line-array waveguide. Along with the vertical alignment of the drivers, this helps to constrain vertical coverage to a nominal 20 degrees. The tight vertical pattern provides more consistent coverage over greater distances and minimizes ceiling and floor reflections, enhancing intelligibility.

The woofer cones are waterproofed. BASSBOSS cabinets are safe to use outdoors where they may encounter rain, in nightclubs where drinks may be spilled on them, or in dusty environments that may leave the drivers needing a thorough cleaning.

The cones are waterproofed to protect them from possible, accidental exposure to moisture such as rain or spilled beverages. Waterproofed woofer cones also permit the cleaning of drivers that have been soiled in a dirty or dusty environment with the use of a damp cloth. Keep the amplifiers dry and party on!

Optional weatherized and weather resistant loudspeakers have the same acoustical performance as our standard options. If your system is likely to be exposed to rain, ask about IP rated amplification options. If you have need of a system for outdoor installation, ask about Weatherized products.

Focused Tuning

BASSBOSS speakers can be connected directly to your mixer with nothing but signal cable in between. The built-in processing is comprehensive and includes all necessary high-pass and low-pass filters along with equalization and phase alignment processing to ensure coherent response when deployed with BASSBOSS subwoofers.

There is no need for any additional EQ in the signal path for the speaker to provide a broad, flat frequency response. Sophisticated DSP programming ensures the speakers deliver consistent sound quality no matter the input level.

Plug-and play with peace of mind. Multiple, sophisticated protection systems make the loudspeaker virtually indestructible. You can turn on and turn up, all night, without fear of over-driving to the point of damage.

Preset Modes

BASSBOSS DV12-MKII Powered MicroMain Loudspeaker BackThe processing features presets allow it to run in several configurations. The first is full range mode, with response down to 45Hz (-3dB) The other presets allow the DV12 to be integrated with various types and sizes of subwoofers. Each preset has a specific high-pass filter frequency, input sensitivity, high and low frequency limiter setting and subwoofer alignment processing — as follows:

Preset Functions: Preset 1: Stand-alone Full-Range Operation. 40Hz high-pass filter. Recommended for use when no sub is available. Peak output is restricted to prevent low frequencies damaging the loudspeaker.

Preset 2: Intermediate Stand-Alone setting, 60Hz high-pass. Recommended for use with a single sub or when subwoofers are separated from DV12s, such as when subs are center-placed.

Preset 3: Intermediate High-Output setting. 80Hz high-pass. Recommended for use when single subwoofers are co-located with the DV12s, such as if the DV12s are on a speaker pole above a subwoofer or on a tripod adjacent to a subwoofer.

Preset 4: Maximum SPL Setting, 100Hz high-pass. Recommended for use when outdoors, in larger venues and/or when multiple or larger subwoofers are co-located with the DV12s.

Presets 2, 3 and 4 allow the DV12s to be combined with various subwoofer configurations and allow the sound to be tailored to different environments. It is recommended to listen to the appropriate presets in each new setting and choose the one that works best in that environment.

DV12 Arrayed Pairs: The DV12s can be arrayed in pairs, with the second cabinet inverted above the first. Any preset can be chosen provided both cabinets are set to the same preset and the gains are matched. Optional hardware is required to attach the two boxes together. The hardware allows for adjustment of the total vertical coverage of the array. The DV12 is also equipped with a power pass-through facility that allows two boxes to be connected on a single power source. An optional PowerCON jumper cable is available for this purpose. Using the signal and power pass-through connectors allows the minimum number of cables to be run to the array.


You nailed it with the DV12’s

Michael Gentile, The Funktion House

We have been getting nothing but compliments in the studio about those speakers and they sound amazing on our mobile events. These can become the defacto standard for the Mobile world. They sound unbelievable and I just wanted to let you know!!

DV12 speakers get it done

Gabriel Moises

These speakers bring everything that’s required for impact and clarity without bottoms. If you need to stick and move with very little payload, two DV12 speakers get it done ✅.

A plus for this team of Pros!!!

Mui satisfecho con Las Bocinas!

Miguel Vazquez

Muy satisfecho con las bocinas. De verdad es sorprendente. El sonido es limpio y se escuchan de maravilla. Gracias, amigos de BASSBOSS!

Incredibly crisp and detailed highs, and amazingly clear mids with the vocals coming through

Daniel Paglinco, High Octane Productions

The first night I had the new BASSBOSS system out, we were all blown away with what we were experiencing. Incredibly crisp and detailed highs, and amazingly clear mids with the vocals coming through like I had never heard before.

We set the system up in 2 stacks about 25 ft apart, 4 VS21s in a cube and 2 DV12s on top of each in an inverted array at 0°. This was the first time I got to experience the 120° horizontal coverage. Even directly in front of the stage, in between the two stacks, the highs were still perfect as if you were in front. No need for center fills anymore which is wonderful. Next we threw on some deep bass dubstep and walked the room. Wow. Even 50-75ft away, the hair on my arms was tickling me and my chest was getting kicked. All this while realizing that there was musical content in songs that I had never heard before with the 10 rear horn loaded 18” subs this BASSBOSS system replaced. Truly blown away.

About an hour into the event a fellow DJ attending found me to let me know how great the system sounded. I let him go on for at least 10 minutes telling me about all the clubs in NYC he had gone to events at and how nothing sounded as good as what he was experiencing right now, and how “You must have an amazing ear to be able to tune this so well” and how it must have taken hours to dial it in. After receiving enough compliments on it, I let him know that it was a completely self-powered and self-contained system without any kind of EQ on it at all. Zero. XLR cable out of the mixer and right into the back of the speaker. He still didn’t believe me. It took him actually seeing the channel, output, and mono/sub out of the Midas M32 without an EQ even turned on, let alone adjusted, to finally believe it.

Right out of the box, this is easily the best sounding, clearest, and by far the deepest  playing system I have ever experienced.

Only problem we ran into was that the room we were playing in couldn’t handle the sub-bass that this system can produce. I played the exact same room the year before with my old system and ran it at 100% without causing any of the destruction that we started to experience this year. Even with the 35 ft ceilings of the main ballroom of the hotel, it’s a whole different ball game when you get down into the 20-30 Hz range. The bass gets into the structure of the building and shakes and carries like crazy. Truly amazing. Very much looking forward to the winter in New Jersey to be over so we can get this system outside and really flex its muscles!!!

Thank you David for creating such an amazing product, and thanks to the rest of the BASSBOSS team, especially Lian, for making us part of the family.

It really is nice to be using 400 pounds less in speakers

Blake Biellier, Tech Hipp Entertainment 

I have owned BASSBOSS products for over 3 years now.  Their level of customer support goes beyond any other manufacturer you will find.  His entire team is dedicated to making sure clients will have exactly what they want.  They understand that every application may require something different.  Their name may be BASSBOSS but that does not mean BASS is their only focus.  Yes… They make some incredible subwoofers but they also make some of the cleanest sounding mains you will ever hear!

Last year I contacted BASSBOSS about what I needed from a top box.  David spent a lot of time with me in person to make sure I get exactly what I want.  I told him that I wanted the speaker to have incredibly wide horizontal coverage and a narrow vertical coverage.   Of course, he said that would not be a problem.

My next request was for the two speakers to keep up with four SSP218s.  No problem came from his mouth yet again!  After that, I threw a wrench into the deal…  I said that I wanted them to weigh between 50 to 60 pounds, stack like the DV8s and keep up with eight SSP218s.  He got that (I dunno) look on his face and went into deep thought. We went over tons of different ideas throughout the next weeks.

I got a call from David with him saying that he has it figured out.  I cannot even tell you how excited I was!  Then he says it would be full range and flat down to 43Hz. Now I am on Cloud 9! That is when the DV12 was born!

After a few field trials and changes made by David, I took them out to the lake for their first use since the updates.   Booooom!  He nailed it!  I was absolutely blown away with how they sounded!  All of the neighbors were coming up wondering how two speakers can sound that good from so far away.  Don’t let the misconceptions about array sources fool you either.  The off-axis response is actually much better than regular 3-way enclosures from other manufacturers.

There are four settings to choose from (Full Range, 60Hz crossover, 80Hz crossover and 100Hz crossover).  I used them in Full range at first.  It sounded like there were two subs with each of them and they had tons of transient response!  Yes… They do not get extremely loud in this setting.  However, they project sound over a wide area and for a great distance.  This means the SPL level will be much higher than regular tops at 50 feet or more away. I tried putting them in the 80Hz setting and ran them with a single 18in sub from another manufacturer.  Guess what.  They sounded far better in full range without the sub!  This is a game changer because there is no need for hauling around a sub to smaller events.

The next weekend I had an event where used two DV12s with four SSP218s in a very large ballroom. I ran them in the 80Hz crossover setting because I had the subwoofers.  They get far louder in this setting since they do not need to produce the lower frequencies.  Other than the two small front fill speakers for a wide stage, the DV12s filled the rest of the ballroom with more than enough clean sound!

Previously, I would have used FOUR 90-pound mains, TWO 90-pound mains for backfills and the TWO small front-fill speakers.  That means I replaced SIX 90-pound speakers with TWO 60-pound speakers and to do the same job!  Well… Not quite the same job…  The DV12s have crystal clear sound quality and far more impact.  It really is nice to be using 400 pounds less in speakers.

The lushest, most creamiest sound

Mike Swass

You gotta pay the cost to be the BOSS!
Before I get to the review, I’d like to say a word about the service.

They basically run a high end concierge for speaker buying. Anything you need, Sami will provide. This is the way to buy speakers, you won’t regret it.

The SSP118-MKII Sub is from another galaxy. I’ve not heard a stronger mobile sub-woofer in my life.

The DV12-MKII have the lushest, most creamiest sound. Warm and pleasant at very loud volumes.

Be that DJ with the best speakers…. because you can be THAT DJ with the best sounding system.

Throw was insane

Bobby Craig, rociv

ZV28 and DV12 combo is hard to beat. I had these things 120’ + from center on each side and the coverage and throw was insane. Love what you guys do.

Very Powerful!

Gabriel Moises

Just did a test and was very happy with their performance. Quality speaker with clean quality sound. Very powerful!

BASSBOSS Team is a really true professional!

There is no speaker like DV12 I have heard anywhere, ever!

Steve Jacobson, French Florist

After spending hours at the biggest music stores in Los Angeles and even purchasing the best speakers I could find at any of those stores, I finally decided to return those speakers and spend a little extra and buy the BassBoss DV12 speakers and I have never looked back. For the live performance of vocals along with either acoustic guitar or piano, there is no speaker that I have heard anywhere, ever, that more accurately amplifies the sound in a more pleasing fashion than these DV12 speakers.

I have owned a commercial recording studio for around 20 years in the past and have been very spoiled by having very high-quality studio main monitors that sounded absolutely beautiful for recording and playback, and I have always been disappointed when trying to compare any live monitors to that sound to which I grew accustomed… until I heard these BassBoss speakers. I love my BassBoss DV12s and I would highly recommend them to anyone who is willing to spend a little more in order to get a LOT more in terms of quality of sound for their live performances.

In addition to having amazing speakers, these guys truly love what they have created, and it shows from the first phone call that I made to their company all the way until the speakers were in my possession sounding amazing! Awesome service by both the sales manager and the owner!

Thank you BassBoss for creating such an awesome product… you guys rock!!!

The “thump” was still there even though we weren’t using the subs!

Tony Fusca

I play in a classic rock & blues band. We had been using a standard two way split system consisting of four 2 X 18 subs and two 15 with horns for tops. The system sounded good, but was a real pain carrying around and setting up. I recently purchased two DV12’s, and used them for the first time last week. Not only did they sound incredible, but the “thump” was still there even though we weren’t using the subs! We had plenty of headroom, and our sound was crystal clear with plenty of depth. Kudos to everyone at Bass Boss – what an incredible product!!!

They sound amazing.

Matt McClelland, Tactical Sound Charlotte

They sound amazing. They are a lot clearer than the Yamaha DSR115 mains. The Yamaha highs were piercing, the DV12s, on the other hand, were just right.

Absolutely Fantastic!

Ray Lyons, Lyons Live Audio

Vocals are amazing and effortless. It’s definitely pushing all the way to the back of the room, effortlessly. Wow, I’m blown away! Kick sounds fantastic. I can never go back… Very even sound no matter where you sit. Absolutely fantastic! Even with a huge crowd the articulation is wow!

The sound of high end “hi-fi” for the professional market

Kevin Compton | Silver Sound DJs

I had a very special opportunity to listen to BassBoss DV12 “Top” speakers at the DJ EXPO 2017 in Atlantic City, and I knew instantly that I would be ordering a pair or 2.

The sound is BUTTER smooth, I can listen to these for hours without getting that piercing headache that typical “compression driver” speakers cause. This is probably due to very careful tuning and the use of highest end speaker and amplifier components.

The throw is perfect for DJs and mobile entertainers like myself. Very even coverage from side to side, and the projection extends all the way to the back of the room. The sound coming out of the beautiful honey comb looking “isophasic waveguide” is very impressive on the dance floor, at the way back of the room, and also standing in close proximity under the main beam of sound.

I haven’t had the chance to turn the volume all the way up at an event yet, because I haven’t needed to. While using my previous speakers (Bose, EV, JBL, RCF, AllTheSame) I would need to really push them which resulted in a fatiguing listening experience and very hot built in amplifiers. With DV12, they are so far from their limit, that I can actually speak through the microphone over top of the music during dancing, and not even need to duck the music down. On my previous systems, being that they were at their limit, I would have to cut the music nearly all the way down to be able to speak to the audience. This right here makes the investment in BassBoss worth it, many times over.

I’m a big “BASS HEAD” and have a set of 3 BassBoss DJ21S subwoofers, which seem to match nicely. More and more with my events up to 125 people I am finding that I do not need to bring the subs and thats all thanks to the unimaginably powerful bass that DV12 delivers.

Lastly, the build quality is outstanding, the size is compact and the finish is much nicer than the consumer speakers I’m used to. The advanced exterior coating BassBoss uses will stand up to many decades of loading, transporting and set up. I guess they must be built this well to include a 6 year warranty on these cabinets.

BassBoss hit it out of the park with the DV12!

P.S. The DV12s by themselves sound better than my buddy’s full EV EKX setup with 2 -18” subs.

Long Live the Low!

Ramses Saud, YouTube

It’s amazing the performance they achieved with those boxes! .. Fabulous truth !. Endeavor, perseverance, sacrifice and love this beautiful art … It results in something good, and when the expected is achieved. Continue to want and innovate to achieve a marvel in the future. Best regards from Venezuela! AND LONG LIVE THE LOW !!! (Spanish Translation)

They’re a beast!

Kitt Tremblay, DJ Kitt

I’m a Canadian Deaf DJ in my community and I was searching for sound system speakers that was well built and strong enough to handle anything. The Deaf community loves to feel the music which means to experience clear and deep bass vibration from the music. Bass Boss was, no doubt, the product I needed as nothing else compared when contrasting the specs. I bought four SSP118’s and two DV12’s and I have to say how impressed I am at the product caliber. They’re a beast! I love the fact that the cabinets can pump clear and powerful bass without losing strength and it last all night long. Wow! As soon as the people walk into the room, you see their heads snap and body starting to move like they can’t stop dancing to the beat. People were amazed how much bass they can feel from even just one cabinet. The Bassboss team was super helpful, informative about their products, and love their job. I’m so happy that I am part of the Bass Boss family and proudly use my Bassboss equipment to bring exceptional sound and badass bass to my community.

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Tired of breaking, bending, or generally destroying your speaker stands? Protect your investment with these extremely stable and well-constructed speaker stands.


Ultra Heavy Duty Ring Lock Speaker Stand

Unshakable and Stalwart! This high quality, height adjustable speaker pole guarantees a secure, stable and quiet connection between subwoofers and satellite systems.


Ring Lock Distance Rod

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