Ring Lock Distance Rod

Ring Lock Distance Rod

Unshakable and Stalwart! This high quality, height adjustable speaker pole guarantees a secure, stable and quiet connection between subwoofers and satellite systems.


• Height-Adjustable
• Tight, Secure Rattle-Free Connection
• Holds Speakers Straight

Tired of sloppy speaker stands and cock-eyed speakers? These poles have a patented expanding mandrel that holds speakers straight and tight so they won't tilt to one side or rattle at high levels. Ultra high durablity steel construction

The unique Ring Lock expanding mandrel system provides a stable, tight and firm fit for speakers. Turn the collar below the speaker and movable plastic splints spread out in 3 directions, increasing the effective pole diameter, locking the speaker to the pole, eliminating rattles and holding the speaker straight and level. The height is adjusted by an easy-to-use spring-loaded bolt and locking screw, making it easy to match the height of each stand.

Made by König & Meyer, this rod carries a 5 year warranty. These stands are built to last, so replacement parts are guaranteed to be available for 10 years.

For use with the DV8, DV12, AT312, AT212 Attuned Tops and SV8 BOSS Monitor. Not for use with the DiaMon DJ112 or CCM112 Monitor.