Chaos System – ZV18/DJ112

Feb 16, 2016

Customer Glen Allan got the first set of four ZV18 subwoofers from the BASSBOSS line!

Glen wanted to design his own custom grill for the DJ112 Monitors, and once we got a look at his amazing mock-up, we were convinced it should be a part of the ZV18 Subwoofer as well. Check out the many systems packages on the website

Glen told us after his first gig:
“No one could have expected what this delivered. I’m still in heavy reflection about what happened… It’s only been one time to try these babies out so far, and it was over the top. Out of “everyone” who heard it, there really were no complaints, and more compliments than I could effectively address. The main DJ was quite explicit as saying that the system was great and was very impressed by the amount of headroom still available while the whole environment was being saturated by sound. When it comes to bass, I don’t think any of us had previously been exposed to such a system outside of venues who spent far more for not much better. And… The impression made by the grills I designed was not missed at all. This is a top tier mobile system ready to destroy expectations. Sure I’m filling this review with a bunch of great adjectives, but they aren’t candy filler… This is the real deal, and as I get more shows together I’ll keep talking of the amazing performance!”