Highland Custom Monitor

Jan 30, 2015

Custom Monitor for Highland Lounge

The custom monitor developed for Highland Lounge was a hit at SXSW 2015.

The TUBE12 is a co-axial point-source monitor made of water-jet cut, rolled, welded and powder-coated steel. It is damped with structural foam and polyester fiber-fill.

It features a 12 woofer and a co-axial 1.4 exit compression driver that plays through the center of the woofer, making it a true point-source cabinet. Both the woofer and tweeter coils share the same magnetic structure.

The TUBE12 includes a 1500-watt class D Powersoft amplifier with built-in digital signal processing, is bi-amped and has a full complement of protections, limiters and equalizers that ensure consistent, accurate and reliable operation.