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Sound you’ll be proud of!

Build Your Business from the BASS Up

Be where the BOOM is

BASS is the foundation of great sound! From techno to jazz, reggae to show tunes, absolutely every musical style sounds better with full, rich low end. That’s why we build from a solid foundation, up.

Each BASSBOSS product is a mindfully-engineered, painstakingly tuned, completely integrated audio system, intended to be paired seamlessly with other BASSBOSS products in system configurations that blow audiences away, night after night. A BASSBOSS sound system will create incredible experiences for your guests for years and years

You’ve never experienced sound like this…

Come with something bold

BASSBOSS Powered Loudspeakers are designed with components from premium suppliers. Chosen for their unsurpassed performance, proven reliability and excellent service, we source the best we can find. Using the same quality of components and cabinet builders found in highest-end Pro Audio manufacturers’ products, we leave off the bells and whistles of touring audio gear designs to offer extraordinary sound at incredible value.

Always fully powered and processed. We build all amplified loudspeakers with highly sophisticated digital signal processing. Our products offer simple and elegant designs requiring just two cables: power and signal, to get the party rolling. This ease of use ensures your venue is always at peak performance with mind-bending sound.

Want to talk about your venue and priorties? We’ve been designing legendary destinations for decades, and we love to share our expertise. We’ll put together a custom system proposal for your space from your 3D or PDF files. 

BASSBOSS DV12-MKII Powered MicroMain Loudspeaker Invertable

Receive a Free Custom System Design for Your Venue

Designer David Lee

David Lee has designed sound systems for over 150 venues in the USA. His focus on creating pristine, physical sound supplied by practical products powers the BASSBOSS design philosophy.

A deeply dedicated designer, David Lee has been building, tweaking, and perfecting loudspeaker designs since 1999. He’s focused his entire career on the pursuit of intense and pure audio enjoyment, creating the epic products that provide the BASSBOSS Experience.

Read about David Lee’s history and philosophy on ProSoundNews here.

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