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Ene 8, 2014

DJ Times DiaMon DJ112 Monitor and SSP215 Subwoofer Coverage

DJ Times Covers the DiaMon DJ112 Monitor and SSP215 Profundo Subwoofer. Jan 2014

FROM THE ARTICLE: «Field Testing by Tony Russell: When I received the BASSBOSS system, even the truck driver said they looked pretty sharp. I agree—the construction is first-rate.

Set-up of the speakers is relatively simple as with most other powered speakers. One thing to note is the power cables are the Neutrik powerCON connectors. They’re pretty cool for keeping them plugged in, but I would be afraid of losing them—you might want to pick up an extra few to have around, just in case. The speaker poles that fit into the DiaMon units screw into the speaker, but will work with standard speaker stands if you take out the top pole.

The system was being used for San Francisco’s PleasureZone party and they filled the space, as well as a much larger system with 18s. The DJ112 Monitor-1500 compact 12-inch loudspeakers put out a large amount of sound—crisp, clear highs with a nice mid-range. They have four presets, in which to adjust the warmness of the sound based on the type of music you are playing. We pushed these speakers pretty hard and they never clipped or distorted. They sounded great.»

«SSP215 Subwoofer: This dual 15-inch subwoofer packs a large punch. While the unit is hefty in weight—about 165 pounds—the dimensions are small and compact. The unit fit in the back seat of a Kia Optima mid-size, four-door sedan. The boom that comes from this unit is amazing. I’d put this unit up against two larger 18-inch powered subs any day. This sub unit paired with two DiaMon DJ112 Monitor-1500 units will fill a room with rich, deep sound. We pushed the unit with a lot of heavy bass tracks—hip-hop, dubstep and electro. They never clipped, overheated or distorted. We were very pleased.

Overall: The two BASSBOSS DiaMon DJ112 Monitor-1500 units and the SSP215 Subwoofer provided amazing sound and the entire set-up—along with two turntables, speaker stands and a mixer—fit into my vehicle. This is a testament to the size and portability of the speakers. For DJs on a “space budget,” this is a great solution with its robust highs and deep, rich lows. I’d recommend these BASSBOSS speakers to any DJ, club or promoter, and I plan to use them again in the future.»