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Dic 10, 2017

All About That BASSBOSS in DJ Times Magazine

BASSBOSS Unveils Brand New DJ21S Subwoofer

Looking for subwoofers with the most bang for your buck? BASSBOSS has exactly what you’re looking for!

Premium loudspeaker manufacturer has announced a new subwoofer designed that is not only portable but it delivers an impressive low-end response down to 24Hz. The DJ21S is a single 21” powered subwoofer that is a powerful and cost-effective piece of equipment that is perfect for every mobile DJ who is looking to pack a bigger punch while using less equipment.

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Bassboss DV12: 60 Pounds of Intense Energy

The DV12 from BASSBOSS is the latest in the company’s MicroMain speaker series. It is a two-way active full-range, direct radiating loudspeaker designed to meet the needs of the mobile DJ. Offering 3,000 watts of power, this compact unit features a flat frequency response down to 45 Hz and it comes housed in a cabinet designed to counteract standing wave reflections. In addition, it features a down-angle orientation that “allows optimal audience coverage,” according to the company.

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DJ Expo 2017: Gear Galore

BASSBOSS delivered some hair-raising experiences with its DV12 active, full-range, invertible-array loudspeaker and its DJ21S subwoofer.

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Bassboss SV8: Packing a Punch

By  |  — When I first received the press release for the BASSBOSS SV8 active loudspeakers, I was immediately intrigued: Here’s a speaker that purports to be equally at home at a mobile-DJ gig, installed in a nightclub, or sitting on a stand in a recording studio.
Those words are easy to say, but could they be true? I was anxious to find out.
Quite frankly, I’d never heard of BASSBOSS before, but I was curious to find out more about this little Austin, Texas-based company that was hand-crafting premium loudspeakers right here in the USA. BASSBOSS is the trade name of True Lee Loudspeakers — named after company founder and engineer David Lee. Along with his team, Lee produces a pretty wide range of speakers, including some impressive subwoofers for which Lee is purportedly best-known.

When the pair of SV8s arrived on my doorstep, and after getting them unboxed, I could immediately see the build quality clearly on display. The rugged, solid cabinets, made from Baltic birch, were coated with a thick, textured polyurethane finish, with the main driver protected by a heavy-gauge metal-mesh front, and the high-frequency horn well-recessed. On the back side, the speaker’s amplifier and controls were protected by a pair of top- and bottom-mounted handles that protrude back from the cabinet. From all appearances, the 26-pound SV8 seems built for the rigors of mobile work. For permanent installation applications, there are integrated fly points to support safe installation.

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