DJ MaC, Kid DJ Extraordinaire

Jun 6, 2017

DJMaC – A precocious young DJ with skill and style

Justin McClary, @DJMaC813, is a 10 year old DJ ~ Mixmaster for Kids’ Zones & Parties, Festivals, Weddings and other Private Events in Columbia, SC with a love for deep bass. He is definitely enjoying his DJ21S Powered Subwoofer. He got the first one! Collector’s Item.

Justin’s dad told us “Everyone was surprised how much bass was coming from one woofer. I couldn’t believe it either. This was my first time using it in a smaller room, and the bass shook the whole building. I’m very happy. The police were called on us Wednesday when we gigged in the school gymnasium. They said we were shaking people’s windows in their house.”

That’s our job. 🙂