BASSBOSS Edu is an educational series in which I share the methods and processes to follow to ensure you get the best possible performance from your BASSBOSS system, if you have one, or from any system if you’re still working towards one.


In these series, BASSBOSS Designer David Lee dives deeply into the mechanics and functionality of BASSBOSS systems and go over the basic outlines of what to do, and not do, to deliver great sound to your audience every time, and all the time.

These series are all about making you look smarter and sound better. With this information, your system setup will be faster, easier and produce the highest quality result.

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Why You Need Deep BASS Pt. 1

Powerful low frequencies transform the listening experience into an emotional experience. In this video, BASSBOSS Founder and Designer David Lee provides a deep dive into how deep bass can enhance your audience's enjoyment and engagement.

Do you have any questions, thoughts, or ideas about deep bass? Let us know in the comments section below!Scientific Study on the Effects of Very Low Frequencies on Musical Experiences:In an article that appeared in the scientific journal Current Biology people at an electronic music performance were recruited for a study on whether non-auditory low-frequency stimulation would increase audience dancing.

By the end of the performance, researchers indicated participants felt bodily sensations associated with bass frequencies during the concert, and that these contributed to the urge to move.

David Lee Q&A YouTube video
Why You Need Deep BASS Pt. 2

In part two of “Why You Need Deep Bass” BASSBOSS Founder and Designer David Lee sits down with BASSBOSS VP of Sales Javier Olivares to discuss the benefits of extended low frequencies and how deep bass can boost the experience of your audiences.

Any questions, thoughts, or ideas about crushingly deep bass? Let us know in the comments below!To Fire Up The Dancefloor, Turn Up The BASS:In a research study, scientists introduced levels of bass that were too low for party-goers to hear and found that people danced 11.8% more when the very low-frequency bass was present.

David Lee Q&A YouTube video
Shopping for Subwoofers

A variety of crucial factors that go into making a good subwoofer-system purchase.

Topics include:

  • How to understand your needs, as it relates to sound, transportation and price
  • Which genres most require subwoofers & why
  • The choice of Low Vs. Loud
  • Why continuous power is more important than peak power with subwoofers
  • Why you want a flat frequency response
  • How to fill the space with bass
  • How to plan for your use-case scenario and avoid companies selling “magic specs"
David Lee Q&A YouTube video