Guitar Center ATL Demo System

Feb 23, 2016

Guitar Center Atlanta Demos of DV8 MicroMains, ZV18 Subwoofer, and SSP118 Subwoofer

We were contacted by Guitar Center Atlanta about providing a demo system of DV8 MicroMains, and SSP118 subwoofers for their showroom. We were happy to oblige, as the very enthusiastic Kirby Oliveras of GC was excited about sharing the love with the many BASS heads in the ATL area.

Want to hear the system in person? Drop by Guitar Center #761: 1485 NE Expressway Atlanta GA 30329 or call 404.320.7253 and ask for Kirby, Mic T, or Geo (Español), for more info. They will be happy to show what the cabinets can do!

Kirby took the two DV8 MicroMains and a SSP118 Subwoofer out for a gig, with our blessing. He was, shall we say, happy with the sound. 🙂

“Doing a gig is one thing, doing it with SPL is entirely different. Two subs would have blown the doors clean off of this place. That SSP118 Subwoofer is nothing short of astounding. I don’t think I turned it halfway up for the gig and will have wait till I get to the store to hear it really cranked. haha!

The system blew me with away with a couple things – the PowerCon thru option made me squeal a little because power is always in short supply onstage! The built in processing sounds incredible. You can hear the line array influence on the DV8’s, due to dreamy clarity with sheer SPL. I didn’t process the signal at all and my records sounded flawless. I didn’t ride EQs all night, just gain. I felt like the rig minded itself. Everywhere I went in the room sounded stellar, with super-even coverage. This was a room fool of sound nerds, vinyl junkies, musicians, audiophiles and quality snobs.  Every single one of them smiling when I cranked it. PS I’ve never had two mains AND golf clubs in my trunk before.”