Hairspray in Zilker Park

Aug 24, 2015

The 2015 Zilker Summer Musical presentation of Hairspray!

BASSBOSS was happy to sponsor the 2015 Zilker Summer Musical presentation of Hairspray! The performances were held in an open-air auditorium in Zilker Park, Austin, TX. Hairspray! featured four arrayed DV8 MicroMain and four Z5/D Powered Subwoofers.

Zilker Production Manager Sam Kokajko told us: “The BASSBOSS DV8 MicroMain provided excellent coverage over a very wide area covering our crowds of 5,000+ with crystal clear and powerful sound for our Broadway musical. The subs David partnered with them gave deep, full bass well over 150’ back with extremely even coverage and tone throughout the bass range without breaking a sweat. With a very lightweight and compact rig that was well thought out and easy to move we were able to cover everything without ever even coming close to running out of headroom.”

We’ll see you there next year!