Highland Lounge

Oct 25, 2014

Custom Designed System for Highland Lounge

BASSBOSS creates custom-designed system for Highland Lounge.

Highland is an upscale gay club and event venue in the heart of Austin’s Warehouse District. Using a combination of column and line array technology, BASSBOSS designer David Lee created a custom-designed sound system that’s beautiful both aesthetically and sonically. General Manager Elaine Everett says of Highland Lounge, “I love our sound system, it is hands down the best I have ever heard in Austin. It is the main feature of our venue.”

Featuring four 14-foot high arrays with 35,000 watts of amplification paired with four SSP215 Profundo Subwoofers under the dance platforms has supplied the club with plenty of high-end to cover both levels of the club, plus plenty of bass for late-late night dance sessions. Adding two custom designed, Tube12 Custom Monitors, it’s an epic system for the beautifully conceived and designed, two floor, indoor and outdoor venue.

The custom columns are 14 feet tall and 12 inches in diameter. The lower section houses four 8 inch woofers  and two 120° horizontal by 15° vertical waveguides,  each is fed by a 1.4 inch throat compression driver. The columns offer flat response from 50 Hz to 18khz however for this application they are not used below 90Hz, which allows them to be used at significantly higher output levels. The columns are placed on the four corners of the rectangular dance floor and the sound axis points towards the center of the floor.

The upper section of the column incorporates two 8 inch woofers and a similar but less powerful high-frequency waveguide system that uses .dial 0.75″ compression drivers. The upper section can be rotated and operated independently from the lower section. The upper section operates as a dipole and it’s output is oriented 90° to the left and right of the main speaker section. This allows the upper section to cover the upstairs bars and balcony of the venue.

Each lower section is powered by a 3000 W Powersoft amplifier module and each pair of upper sections are powered by a 1500 W Powersoft amplifier module. Each column is wrapped in four sections of half cylindrical rolled perforated powder coated steel. The result is that the entire loudspeaker appears as a single round column.