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Keyboard Magazine

Mar 17, 2013

Keyboard Magazine Review of the CCM112 YesMon Monitor!

A simply killer review in the powered monitor feature from Keyboard Magazine March 2013 of the CCM112 YesMon Monitor!

«…Here’s the big deal. This thing is loud – for its size, the loudest speaker I think I’ve ever heard. You could be in a 2,000 seat theatre with everything except your keyboards going through the house line array, and the back row of the balcony would be able to hear them just fine. I couldn’t turn the keyboards volume up past a third without literally becoming frightened of how loud it got. Not that the speaker showed any hint of getting crispy – it remained clear as a bell. BASSBOSS also sent us their SSP115 sub, which… turned my rig into something approaching a one-keyboardist Ultra Music Festival… If having the most swagger of any keyboard player you know is worth the price, going BASSBOSS would be how you get it.» Stephen Fortner, Editor

Read article online here.