Kingdom, Austin

Dec 20, 2011

Droppin’ EDM at Kingdom with a BASSBOSS System

Press Coverage of Kingdom:

“New downtown dance club Kingdom puts 50,000 watts behind its music” ~

“The ATX’s first house of house” ~

Kingdom Yelp Page with Many Customer Testimonials to the Quality of the Sound

At Kingdom, both resident and guest DJs love to play on this massively powerful yet crystal clear system, and the many world-class DJs who have played there so far are raving about the sound.


Austin’s premier EDM Club is rocking audiences and making fans with their truly remarkable BASSBOSS system.

The system consists of 4  x  SSP218 Subwoofers; 4  x  Z5/D Subwoofers, 5  x  AT312 Attuned Tops; 2  x  Customized CCM112 Monitors; 1  x  SSP118 Subwoofer. Crushing!

“Kingdom is a boutique dance club located in the heart of downtown Austin, TX. It serves as a home for all dance genres, with an emphasis on sound, lighting, and architectural design to create an enhanced experience for all guests.”


“Love the SOUND” ~John Acquaviva

“Amazing sound system!” ~Olivier Giacomotto

“BASSBOSS rocks! Vive BASSBOSS” ~Fred Falke

“Kingdom Austin has a legendary BASSBOSS sound system. I always look forward to any DJ gig but playing on that BASSBOSS sound sure does create some magic. Thanks, Kingdom, for recognizing and providing superior sound quality in a nightclub! Let’s dance!” ~Jason Jenkins

“Did we mention that Kingdom Austin is chock FULL of BASSBOSS audio gear? It is an extreme privilege to play at this venue!”~Christopher Garcia