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Preferencia de idioma  |  Préférence linguistique  |  Sprachpräferenz  |  言語の好み (Gengo no konomi)

Please use the form below to update your email language preference to the language of your choice. Once you submit your choice, your emails will update and be sent out in the language you picked.

Be sure to fill out the form using the same email you originally signed up with, or the one you received the link to this page in. This will ensure your preference will update properly. If you use another mail address you will get duplicate e-mails, one in the language you chose, and one in English.

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Thanks for picking your new Language Preference.
New emails should come to you in the language you selected.
If you are still getting emails in English, you may have to use the form again.
If you are getting emails in your new selection and English, you entered a new email address and will need to cancel the subscription in that language and come back to update your language preference with the original email you used.
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