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LA88 Line Array Released

Apr 22, 2015

Small-format line-array with big features and big performance!

Introducing our new LA88 Line Array! The LA88 is a small-format line-array with big features and big performance. Delivering a remarkable combination of flat frequency response, high output, broad coverage and long throw from a very compact, lightweight and visually attractive cabinet.

Self-powered by a 1500W amplifier, the LA88 Line Array can run on mains voltage from 90 to 250V, and is compatible with all power supplies worldwide. The extensive amplification makes it capable of extremely high output, with a full and rich presence. Providing remarkable bass output for a speaker of its size, the LA88 outperforms many much larger and heavier cabinets. The LA88 Line Array cabinet is compact at only 25” wide x 18” deep and 10” high. With the rigging pins inserted in the flyware the overall width increases to 28.5”. Ready to fly the cabinet weighs just 55 pounds.

Ultra-wide horizontal coverage of 120 degrees helps to provide consistent, intelligible coverage to audience areas that are to the far left and right of the hangs, filling the center and outer areas extraordinarily well. Using a narrow aperture wave-guide and then rapidly transitioning the output to a flat fascia accomplishes this extremely wide coverage. To further enhance off-axis performance, the entire high frequency wave-guide assembly and fascia is mounted forward of the loudspeaker baffle. This minimizes edge diffractions and delivers consistent and extended horizontal dispersion.

Special attention has been paid to high-frequency device vertical coupling in order to deliver line-source behavior higher up the frequency spectrum than most line array systems. The isophasic high-frequency radiating surfaces on the LA88 Line Array are only 0.75” apart within the cabinet. Even more remarkable, that distance is maintained box-to-box, which allows them to couple and efficiently project high frequencies up to 10kHz, nearly double the coupling frequency of most line-arrays. This allows the LA88 Line Array’s HF drivers to perform more efficiently, using less power, with lower distortion, improved clarity and greater reliability.

To maintain the widest possible horizontal dispersion through the midrange, the LA88 Line Array uses a proprietary diffraction aperture technology. The apertures minimize acoustic lobe center spacing on the vertical plane  which enhances coupling to provide line-source behavior in the vertical plane. The apertures also narrow the radiating area of the midrange frequencies, which increases the horizontal dispersion of the midrange.

The LA88 Line Array frequency response is +-3dB from 50 to 18,000 Hz. The cabinets are made in the USA from premium Baltic Birch and are finished in a polyurethane bedliner coating or are available in a weatherized fiberglass finish for permanent installations outdoors. The 8-inch drivers have octagonal cast aluminum baskets to minimize cabinet height. The drivers feature a low resonance frequency and outstanding bass performance for their size, which gives the LA88 Line Array the voice and character of a much larger enclosure.The LA88 Line Array is an extraordinarily versatile tool for the professional who needs high-quality sound with outstanding audience coverage.

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