BASSBOSS LocoMojo Series

Nov 23, 2016

Designed for Mobile Pros: The DJ21S Subwoofer

We’ve gotten many requests for a lower-priced line of products. BASSBOSS Powered Loudspeakers achieve their performance thanks to our use of only the best components, utilized at maximum efficiency, painstakingly tuned by BASSBOSS Designer David Lee.

David Lee brought those same exacting standards, ruthless practicality, and desire to knock stuff off the walls to the DJamBoss Line. Our first release will be a single 21″ sub, the DJ21S Subwoofer.

David Lee shows us the new 21″ sub in design at the BASSBOSS Warehouse in Austin, TX in the video below.

Photo is of the new Single 18″ sub, releasing in February, 2017. Preliminary specs for the 18″ sub are found below the video.

Shipping pre-orders late December 2016. Stay boomed for more info… Join our newsletter list to be notified of special deals on the new line!