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BASSBOSS ZV28 Powered Subwoofer

The ZV28 Profundo Subwoofer delivers bass so low as to be at the very limits of human hearing. Notes that are simply not present with other subwoofers are fully realized by the ZV28, and frequencies that stress lesser subs are reproduced effortlessly and powerfully.

BASSBOSS SSP218 Powered Subwoofer

An unbeatable combination of sensitivity, depth, power handling, fidelity and value. The SSP218 offers the most universal solution for those who need big bass, providing huge low end for the price.

BASSBOSS VS21 Powered Subwoofer

Brings the love of extended low frequency together with need for horn-loaded hits. You're no longer forced to choose either deep OR punchy, the VS21 offers both. Ideal for shows that span a lot of genres and need intense dance-floor coverage.

BASSBOSS SSP215 Powered Subwoofer

The BASSBOSS SSP215 Powered Subwoofer delivers output to frequencies lower than many double 18” cabinets. Each individual SSP215 enclosure supplies intense, deep bass and uses around half the space and considerably less weight than a double 18" subwoofer.

BASSBOSS DJ21S Powered Subwoofer

The "Loco Mojo" Subwoofer. A high-powered, self-amplified single 21" sub that's optimized to deliver exceptional value for low-frequency output.

BASSBOSS ZV18 Powered Subwoofer

Based on the ground-breaking ZV28 subwoofer design, the ZV18 will produce the notes and effects totally lost on ordinary subs. For sophisticated bass-heads who want extreme depth with true tonality.

BASSBOSS SSP118 MK-II Powered Subwoofer

For Mobile Professionals who provide superior sound quality. The SSP118-MKII delivers premium sonic experiences unavailable with other manufacturer's single 18". It's a club in a cab.

BASSBOSS DJ18S Powered Subwoofer

Due to popular demand, the MOST bass we can squeeze out of the best price. The DJ18S squashes the competition, BASSBOSS stylee.


MFLA Powered Line Array

Extraordinarily High Powered Line Array. 3000 watt amplifier, massive output, true isophasic line array technology, very compact form. Easy to transport.

BASSBOSS LA88 Powered Line Array Loudspeaker

LA88 Powered Line Array

The LA88 is a small-format line-array with big features and big performance. It delivers a remarkable combination of flat frequency response, high output, broad coverage and long throw.

BASSBOSS AT312 Powered Top Loudspeaker

The AT312 Attuned Top is a co-axial point-source cabinet for medium to short distance coverage where high output, a small footprint and very high fidelity are required. Extremely compact, simple to use, easy to set up, and attractive, it offers superbly uncolored sound and natural musical character.

BASSBOSS AT212-3K Powered Top Loudspeaker

AT212-3K Attuned Top is a 2-way, self-powered, bi-amplified loudspeaker for short to medium distance coverage. Simple to use, with high output, smooth sound and natural musical character.

BASSBOSS DJ112 Powered MicroMain Monitor Loudspeaker

The DiaMon DJ112 is a very compact, high-output, self-powered loudspeaker. The DJ112 can be used with up to two double 18” subwoofers each and deliver all the mid-high you need to keep up with them. As a DJ monitor it provides tight, punchy performance and doesn’t distort at high levels.

BASSBOSS CCM112 Powered Monitor Loudspeaker

A very compact bi-amplified, self-powered multi-angle wedge/utility monitor. The YesMon CCM112 can also be mounted on a pole stand to be used as an extremely size-conscious main speaker or DJ monitor. In a word, it’s versatile.


BASSBOSS DV12 Powered MicroMain Loudspeaker

Extremely high output and uniform energy dispersion over a very wide and deep sound field. The DV12 offers ultra high-fidelity full-range music reproduction, excellent speech intelligibility, extremely wide dispersion, and even sound projection over distance.

BASSBOSS DV8 Powered MicroMain Loudspeaker

The DV8 is an elegant and extremely versatile loudspeaker. It provides excellent speech intelligibility, extremely wide dispersion, even sound projection over distance and ultra high-fidelity music reproduction.

BASSBOSS SV8 Powered MicroMain Monitor Loudspeaker

The SV8 delivers remarkable bass performance and outstanding sound quality, in keeping with BASSBOSS tradition. This single 8" loudspeaker compares to others' 12" loudspeakers for response and output, with every effort made to deliver full, rich, smooth sound from a very compact enclosure.

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