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How Quality Sound Can Impact Your Business

Aug 30, 2021

quality sound leaves a lasting impression

Let your sound speak for you, boost return clientele with high fidelity sound.

My love of music and sound absolutely necessitates amazing sound quality, physicality, and zero ear fatigue.

 If the mains are too harsh or piercing, my stay at a venue or event is very short lived.  If the bass lacks depth, dynamics, and physicality, I am typically underwhelmed and disconnected from the performers.  Having regularly enjoyed amazing sound in car audio, home theater, commercial theater, and via BASSBOSS at events – the bar is set high.  

BASSBOSS AT312 Powered Top Loudspeaker

How does deep bass impact the client experience?

Music without bass is simply unpalatable,  it lacks dimension, warmth, and a tactile transmission of vibe.  I always say, music gets people to the dance floor and bass moves them. The immersive nature of bass delivered by a capable system can allow you to create experiences and moments that the audience will never forget.

What makes the BASSSBOSS sound so clear?


Our focus on studio quality with event level SPL output is truly a tie to our genuine appreciation of music.  By incorporating prodigious amounts of amplifier power, we are able to properly tune our speakers, yet still deliver extraordinary SPL.  

Many underpowered subwoofers on the market create a respectable SPL in a very small band of frequency, usually between 60 to 80Hz, but they experience  15 to 20dB as they reach 30Hz.  Today’s modern music of all genres has content dipping well below 40Hz and a subwoofer by definition should be delivering full volume output to at least 40Hz for roll off.

All of the BASSBOSS 18s and 21s deliver true +/-3dB output down to 30Hz or below. In the case of our VS21s, it is 25Hz and paired ZV28s 21Hz.  Our single 18” subs deliver 4 times the output at 30Hz than just about every other common DJ Sub on the market. Ultimately, the result within our low frequency elements is a very accurate, articulate, deep extending, hard hitting, smooth sounding, high output sustaining, and an immersive  experience.     

The same philosophy carries through to our mains.  Smooth accurate warm output with tons of headroom.  It is not uncommon to see one of our mains placed with as many as three of our subs, the headroom is incredible.  Vocal tracks and a capellas never get old, rock and drum tracks become addicting, and electronic music with amazing subtleties are truly captivating.  Everyone who owns  these speakers and those that have had the opportunity to demo with us, completely lose track of time…as song after song continues to captivate.

What effect does sound quality have on an audience?

For those who also have a deep appreciation of music and sound – fidelity, range, dynamics, physicality, depth, warmth, and comfort are also likely the top elements they demand or wish to attain.  Whether you are an artist, DJ, sound engineer, or production company, the sound and music experience delivered is a representation of you.  Delivering exceptional sound is a feel good experience for everyone.  

Incredible sound quality and a proper low frequency experience will completely  transform an event or musical experience. It will allow the audience to become truly immersed and completely detached from other realities, very much like watching a blockbuster movie in a cinema.

BASSBOSS AT312 Powered Top Loudspeaker

Hear the difference.


Below are a few tracks that show the true eloquence and clarity in the BASSBOSS sound. 

Hello by Adelle

In Color by James Johnson

The Boy Who Stole the Blues by Mighty Mo Rodgers

Squid Fins (Spoken Bird Remix) by Art of Fact

Give Up the Funk by Parliament

Illmerica – Extended Mix by Wolfgang Gartner

Squid Fins (Spoken Bird Remix) by Art of Fact
Iron Peach (Original Mix) by Beta & Karl Sav
Coming Through (Original Mix) by Bold Equation
Eyes On Fire – Zeds Dead Remix by Blue Foundation
On A Brighter Note (Original Mix) by The Digital Connection
Baited (Original Mix) by Electrocado

Roots & Chalice (Original Mix) by Chronixx
Wishing Well by Michael Ruff
Diamonds On the Soles of Her Shoes by Paul Simon





– Sami Scoda
vp of sales | special teams coordinator

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