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MFLA – Medium Format Line Array

Apr 16, 2018

2 x 12″ MFLA Medium Format Line Array

Incredible output, very long-throw, extraordinary clarity

The new MFLA is a dual 12” + dual 1.4” line array element featuring a 3000W amplifier and comprehensive DSP. The key features of the MFLA are extremely high output, very low distortion, very wide coverage, simple setup and very long-throw performance.

Get More Info on the MFLA Medium Format Line Array here.

It features extremely wide horizontal dispersion of 120 degrees combined with 10 degrees of vertical dispersion. The flyware is adjustable in 1 degree increments from 0 to 10 degrees.

The MFLA incorporates proprietary technology to create isophasic midrange radiation with coherent vertical coupling between elements for longer throw while also providing wider horizontal dispersion from the 12” woofers. This technology allows the MFLA to deliver coherent midrange propagation from a symmetrical 2-way design, which, in turn, allows the high frequency lenses to be utilized for extremely wide horizontal coverage, very often eliminating the need for front-fills.

The MFLA Flyware features a simultaneous compression and tension mechanism, allowing the cabinets to be flown or ground stacked using the same simple setup. The proprietary flyware design ensures there is no slack and no shifting in the box alignment once the boxes are pinned. This ensures that the high-frequency devices are physically aligned exactly the same way regardless of whether the cabinets are stacked or flown, and regardless of the angle of splay, which dramatically improves the very high-frequency propagation effectiveness, allowing the MFLA to deliver pristine highs at greater distances.

The electronics in the MFLA are shielded from the elements and physical damage by a protective overhang on the back of the cabinets. The oversized heat sink ensures consistent operation in high-temperature environments. IP-rated versions are available for outdoor applications.

The 3000W RMS amplifier provides the MFLA with very high SPL capabilities and plenty of dynamic headroom. The comprehensive processing ensures consistent, un-distorted high-SPL operation and maximum reliability.

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