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BASSBOSS SV9 Powered MicroMain Loudspeaker

Designed for Mobile Mastery

SV9 Single 9″
Powered MicroMain

SO small, SO big

  • Compact, High Fidelity, High Output
  • Broad Frequency Range
  • Main, Fill, Monitor or Studio

The SV9 single 9″ powered monitor reboots the SV8.

With even better performance, higher amplification, remarkable bass output and outstanding sound quality.


DV12-MKII Single 12″
Powered MicroMain

Redefine what a 12″ top can do.
  • 3000 RMS Watt Amp
  • Invertible Array
  • Full Range/Satellite Mode

The DV12-MKII single 12″ Top offers ultra high-fidelity, full-range music reproduction, excellent speech intelligibility, extremely wide dispersion, and even sound projection over distance.


SSP118-MKII Single 18″
Powered Subwoofer

It’s a club in a cab

  • Solid, Flat Response Down To 30 Hz
  • Compact Size, Easy Transport
  • Quick Setup – Plug-and-Play

The SSP118-MKII delivers premium sonic experiences unavailable with other manufacturer’s single 18″.

One cabinet will replace 3-4 competing cabinets.


VS21 Single 21″
Powered Subwoofer

Extended Depth, High Intensity Hits
  • Punchy AND Full Deep Bass
  • Very High Output SPL
  • Versatile for Dance to Acoustic

Satisfy your demands for hard-hitting live kicks to the rolling bass of an 808 with a horn/vented design hybrid, single 21″ VS21 Powered Subwoofer.


BB15 Single 15″
Powered Subwoofer

The Baby: Small, Cute + Loud

  • Incredibly Easy to Move
  • Tiny Little Footprint
  • Still BASSBOSS Deep

Petite cabinet, big booty!

The BB15 brings the bass, takes up no space.


DiaMon 112 Single 12″
Powered MicroMain

Stylish, Confident, Adaptable

  • Co-Axial Point Source
  • Ultra Small Size, Light Weight
  • Stunning Output-To-Size Ratio

The DiaMon 112 can be used with up to two double 18” subwoofers for each cabinet, and deliver all the mid-high you need to keep up with them.


Customer Reviews

I like @bassbossrocks subs they’ll knock ya power out before they blow they passed the test … and they’ll be in the house for our SXSW mortal beat battle

Honorable C Note

I went through buying all kinds of speakers with expectations of something that was going to make the place blow apart. I have finally found that in the ZV28 Subwoofer. You’re just feeling the bass. Every gig, it’s a head turner.

James Bowen – DJ JB Special

Bassboss is the s#*%! Ive played on their systems several times and they never disappoint. Crisp highs, beautiful mids, and bass that will crush everything you have ever loved. Ever.

Josh Soape

I have fallen in love with your DJ112 POWERED MICROMAIN speakers! Goodness, this is a strong feeling! by the end of the year I shall obtain a pair!

Fizz Pop

All I’m gonna say is that ain’t NOTHING out there on the market coming anywhere close to BASSBOSS PERIOD!!!!!

DJ Scoob –

After you hear these speakers, all doubt will leave your mind. I have been using them for over 15 years and have not bought another brand since.

Leon Carbon – DJ Silk | Rhythm Life Studio


BASSBOSS® Powered Loudspeaker Systems is driven by a love of music and a powerful desire to share it.

Our goal is to provide every concert, festival, nightclub, home enthusiast and party-goer with pristine high-fidelity sound at the level required for a totally immersive experience.

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