Reunite at NAMM 2022

Experience the NAMM Loudspeaker Showcase
June 1, 2022

Featuring the Kraken Quad
and release of the SSP215-MKII Powered Subwoofer

NAMM 2022 Loudspeaker System Showcase
Anaheim Convention Center

JUNE 3-5, 2022

The Loudspeaker System Showcase delivers a highly unique side-by-side listening opportunity that has been attended by tens of thousands of attendees over the past decade. This year we’ll be shaking the stage with the return of the legendary Kraken Quad Subwoofer and our newest product release – the SSP215-MKII Powered Subwoofer.

In past years, the experience has been a favorite of NAMM’s pro audio and live sound communities, bringing a specialized audience of sound engineers, venue owners, audio rental companies and a variety of bass freaks eager to experience a BASSBOSS Demo-lition.

Don’t miss us at the NAMM 2022 Loudspeaker System Showcase!

Monster of the DEEP – Kraken Quad

The Kraken redefines “Volume” by providing more bottom-octave sound from less space, maximizing the utility of every cubic inch. The output power density of the Kraken allows more sound power from a much smaller frontal area.

Eight thousand watts RMS of amplification delivers response from 25-95Hz ± 3dB, with a maximum SPL in excess of 147dBSpecially-developed woofers offer 60mm peak-to-peak in-the-gap excursion, making extremely high-output at very low frequencies possible with very low distortion.

Meet The Mobile Powerhouse – SSP215

The BASSBOSS SSP215-MKII Low-Profile Subwoofer delivers output to frequencies lower than many double 18” cabinets, and it does so using 25% less space than the SSP218. It’s tuned low, for use as a proper subwoofer, with long-excursion, low distortion woofers, to deliver deep and rolling lows. It also has a tight, punchy and articulate character because of the lower mass of the 15” cones.

Ideally suited for use as a professional touring subwoofer, its truck-pack dimensions are compatible with 90″ and 96″ truck widths and up to four boxes can be stacked and transported on a single dolly cart. This allows 16 subwoofers and their 64,000 watts of amplification to be transported in as little as 5′ of 96″ wide truck space or 12 boxes and 48,000 Watts in 4′ of 90″ truck space.

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Production Subs

Mobile Subs

Production Tops

Mobile Tops



Quad 21" Subwoofer

BASSBOSS ZV28-MKII Powered Subwoofer


Double 18" Subwoofer

BASSBOSS SSP218 Powered Subwoofer


Double 18" Subwoofer


Double 15" Subwoofer



Single 21" Subwoofer


Single 18" Subwoofer

BASSBOSS DJ18S Powered Subwoofer


Single 18" Subwoofer

BASSBOSS BB15 Powered Subwoofer Hero


Single 15" Subwoofer



Dual 12" Line Array

BASSBOSS AT312 Powered Top Loudspeaker


3-Way 12" Top


2-Way 12" Top



Single 12" Top

DiaMon 112

Single 12" Coaxial Top

BASSBOSS SV9 Powered MicroMain Loudspeaker


Single 9" Top