Announcing the SV9 Single 9″ Monitor

Big sound, small package!
September 8, 2020

Hello, SV9!

Welcoming the NEW Single 9” Powered Monitor Speaker to the BASSBOSS family.

The SV9 Single 9″ monitor, designed for sound remarkable bass performance and outstanding sound quality, in keeping with BASSBOSS tradition. This single 9″ loudspeaker compares to others’ 12″ loudspeakers for response and output, delivering full, rich, smooth sound from a very compact enclosure.

The compact, high fidelity and high output SV9 delivers remarkable bass performance and outstanding sound quality, keeping with BASSBOSS tradition. This single 9” loudspeaker compares to much larger loudspeakers in response and output. Such performance from a much smaller enclosure is made possible by making different choices from its larger competitors.

The Birch plywood enclosure is strong and solid but very easily portable. The 9” woofer features a large voice coil and a rubber surround for high power handling and smooth response. The amplifier offers abundant headroom and the proprietary BASSBOSS processing ensures exceptional sound quality and reliability. The cabinet construction, design and premium components all contribute to a rich, smooth, sound for any occasion.

The SV9 is suitable for use as a studio monitor but is equally capable of covering small events. It provides extremely flat frequency response with a neutral character for critical monitoring duties and, thanks to lots of power, it delivers remarkably high output, especially for its size. From an enclosure that is just 18″ x 9.5″ x 14″ and a mere 26 pounds, you can cover smaller events with ease.

What’s New!?


  • Slight increase in cabinet dimensions, updated logo
  • Improved HD style grille
  • Improved integrated handles


  • More robust amplifier with lots of headroom in it’s power band, much more powerful DSP

LF Driver

  • Custom developed driver
  • Woofer features a larger voice-coil for greater power handing
  • Larger size and diameter = greater output

HF Driver

  • High Frequency is now a ring drive vs diaphragm for enhanced HF response

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