Stankonia Studios Goes Deeper with BASSBOSS Installation

The Birthplace of Outkast’ Greatest Hits Goes Deeper with New BASSBOSS Installation
October 15, 2021

The Birthplace of Outkast’ Greatest Hits Goes Deeper with New BASSBOSS Installation

Big Boi’s Stankonia Studios in midtown Atlanta sports an extremely deep BASSBOSS rig perfect for refining the low end.

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September 15, 2021 – Los Angeles, CA – Stankonia Recording Studio in Atlanta GA has joined the BASSBOSS Family with the installation of powered tops and subwoofers from the BASSBOSS line in their live room. Stankonia is owned by Big Boi of hip-hop legends Outkast and was the birthplace of the namesake certified quadruple platinum record. The studio continues to host star talent for recording and performing in their facility.

Known for “funkadelic” sound, the addition of BASSBOSS loudspeakers enhances their live performance experiences with pristine clarity and thundering bass. Shelton “Renegade” Olive, Studio Manager at Stankonia, spearheaded the installation.

Renegade first encountered the BASSBOSS sound at a demonstration in Atlanta coordinated by “Big Lou” Mitcham of Big Unlimited consulting firm. “After that, I was in love with the sound and how the speakers hit. It made all the sense in the world to have the BASSBOSS sound at Stankonia,” said Renegade. 

Decked in royal purple to match the Stankonia brand, two pristine and crystal clear AT212-3K Two Way Powered Tops and three punchy VS21 Single 21” Powered Subwoofers made their home at the midtown studio this summer.

The studio hosts regular events in the Atlanta area. You can find them bumping deep bass as they host the Coalition DJ’s “New Music Monday’s” and other hip hop experiences.

As a hub for Atlanta funk, hip-hop and soul, the AT212 and VS21 “Rum Punch” combo is an asset to their studio when playing back live tracks. “We’re making records and we’re thinking about bass,” said Renegade.  “BASSBOSS speakers are unmatched when it comes to live sound and I stand on it.”

AT212-3k Powered Top

VS21 Powered Subwoofer

For further information, contact:

Cassandra Brady | 855.822.7770 | [email protected]

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