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One-2-One Bar

Abr 8, 2012

BASSBOSS and One-2-One Bar Austin, TX

Gregg Ware, Owner, One-2-One Bar Austin, TX

“After 8 years of being in business in downtown Austin, we decided to relocate and open a venue in a bigger room. The negotiations were complete, the lease signed and construction had begun so the next step was the most important for a live music venue… the sound! I thought QSC is making some pretty good stuff, JBL/Crown is a pretty good combo, no… Myers! That’s it, I’m going to put Myers in here!»

«A musician overheard me discussing sound options at one of her shows and asked me if I had ever heard of BASSBOSS, so I started doing my homework. After researching the BASSBOSS website I figured that I had to hear these things for myself and scheduled a demo with David.

It took me all of 30 seconds to hear them before I knew that I was purchasing these speakers. The networking capability and DSP software are a must for a live music venue and make it incredibly easy to fine tune your system on the fly. Unparalleled sound quality and craftsmanship put BASSBOSS above all other speakers on the market whether it be live bands, DJ, Acoustic or comedy.

BASSBOSS is honestly the best sounding system I’ve heard, and is by far the most responsive and cleanest sounding system I have ever used. If I was using another product, I would have to have double the amount of speakers and power and probably then wouldn’t even come close to what BASSBOSS delivers.

The folks at BASSBOSS are a pleasure to do business with and answer calls and questions whenever I’ve needed them to. David Lee’s knowledge of sound, where to place speakers and how to make a room sound incredible is very comforting in this business! Finally somebody who just doesn’t take your money and hand you a subpar product, but someone who puts their name on the line, makes sure that you’re happy and your room sounds great no matter the type of music you’re playing! Thanks guys!”