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Ago 15, 2012

BASSBOSS Launches CCM112 YesMon Powered Monitor

| August 15, 2012 —  BASSBOSS has launched the bi-amped CCM112 YesMon powered Monitor. The CCM112 Monitor is scheduled to ship in the fourth quarter of 2012. «Big things can definitely come in small packages,» said David Lee, president and designer at BASSBOSS. «We put many ‘big’ elements into this very small monitor, so the size of the CCM112 Monitor simply does not prepare you for its capabilities and output. We’ve had major artists presented with them for use as a stage monitor who took a look at them with disdain, saying ‘That’s not going to be big enough, mate’, and then look astonished when we turned them on! It definitely is a big surprise when you compare size to volume.

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