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Ago 13, 2013

BASSBOSS Unveils SSP215 Profundo Subwoofer

| August 13, 2013 —  BASSBOSS has unveiled their new SSP215 Profundo Subwoofer, a dual 15″ loudspeaker powered by a 4000W amplifier with comprehensive onboard DSP. With a low height of 17.5″, this powerful sub can be placed under low stages and ceilings, and in tight corners where larger boxes won’t fit. Its largest dimension is 48″ wide, which, when turned on end, makes the box a stack platform for getting top boxes above the heads of the audience. The depth is 22.5″, allowing it to be placed in front of stages with minimal loss of audience area and making the SSP215 Subwoofer a perfect truck-pack size for both 90″ and 96″ trucks. It can also be utilized as a drum monitor sub that minimizes space but maximizes impact.

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