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Press Coverage > SV8 and DV8 MicroMains at RIDE Indoor Cycling

Ago 29, 2016

BASSBOSS SV8 and DV8 MicroMains Bring Nightclub Energy to Workouts at Three RIDE Indoor Cycling Installations

| —  RIDE Indoor Cycling has been reinvigorating exercise across Texas with group stationary bike workouts that help patrons work harder than they ever imagined possible, helping them achieve and exceed their fitness goals. “Our concept is to hold group exercise classes in a room that replicates a club-like experience through a combination of lighting and sound,” says RIDE co-owner Timothy Dowling. “We combine these elements with power and charisma of our instructors to get people working harder than they would ever work on their own, while making it enjoyable enough that they want to come back.” To achieve the power and clarity required to get the blood pumping, Dowling turned to premium loudspeaker manufacturer BASSBOSS to design systems for their three newest locations, one in Austin and two in Houston.

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