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Press Coverage > VS21 “Rum Punch” Powered Subwoofer

Ago 4, 2016

BASSBOSS Makes Deep Impact with Powerful and Versatile VS21 “Rum Punch” Subwoofer, Bringing New Dimensions to Low-End

| —  Austin-based powered loudspeaker manufacturer BASSBOSS is stirring the speaker world with its new VS21 “Rum Punch” powered subwoofer. The VS21 Subwoofer features some of the company’s latest innovations in cabinet design, enabling it to achieve a revolutionary balance of low end that is both impactful and full-bodied. The VS21 Subwoofer’s best-in-class performance in the low frequency range makes it an excellent choice for a wide variety of music genres: from EDM to rock, and anywhere in between. Boasting an impressive output SPL characterized by an unparalleled combination of hit and heft, the VS21 Subwoofer is perfectly suited to professionals and venues that demand a no-compromise, do-anything low end.

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