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Jul 30, 2013

ProSound Web Doug Fowler Article on the ZV28 Subwoofer

July, 2013: Pro Sound Web has published a great article by Doug Fowler of St. Louis-based Fowler Audio Service. Doug has been the system engineer/tuner for Ultra Music Festival for many years. Doug independently measured the ZV28 Subwoofer at ULTRA and published his SysTune measurement here.

From the article: “David Lee has been working on this design for several years and has improved every iteration. He used 16 of these beasts on the UMF Worldwide Stage (the “street party” stage), with some upper bass boxes on top. We could hear things in tracks that would have not been present with “normal” subs, meaning usable response only down to the mid 40 Hz region.”


“This sub would blur your vision and modulate your voice, no problem. I’ve been told this is the weakest of the dual-18 line, with lower power drivers, so I’m keen to hear the high-power version. This thing is sick.”