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Feb 10, 2013


The ZV28 Subwoofer doesn’t just make 20Hz bass achievable, it makes 20Hz bass portable. The ZV28 Subwoofer is a self-powered, self-processing, self-protecting, vented, direct radiating subwoofer with a large internal volume and a very low tuned frequency.  Anti standing wave baffles and pass-through dampers minimize upper resonances while very large ports maximize low frequency performance at high output. Protection systems and limiters control all manners of overload, including thermal, excursion and clipping. The ZV28 Subwoofer is optimized for full-power operation. It is designed to operate at full rated RMS power throughout its operating range while ensuring the woofers remain within their excursion and thermal limits.

With the ZV28 Subwoofer, deep-bass response is available at high levels in real-world applications thanks to high sensitivity at low frequencies, robust components and prodigious power. Massive low end is consistently delivered when the prodigious power is applied. The ZV28 Subwoofer realizes consistently flat frequency response and maintains it at high output to deliver an enveloping low frequency experience unparalleled in the industry. A pair delivers response that is -3dB at 21 Hz – no equalization required. The ZV28 Subwoofer does not have low-frequency EQ boost, which, at high levels, tends to result in excessive distortion or woofer damage rather than improved low frequency performance. The ZV28 Subwoofer‘s sensitivity is achieved and maintained though careful optimization, the use of premium components and innovative, proprietary thermal management techniques.

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