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SV8 Review in DJ Times

Sep 6, 2017

BASSBOSS SV8: Packing a Punch

By  | —  When I first received the press release for the Bassboss SV8 active loudspeakers, I was immediately intrigued: Here’s a speaker that purports to be equally at home at a mobile-DJ gig, installed in a nightclub, or sitting on a stand in a recording studio.

Those words are easy to say, but could they be true? I was anxious to find out.

Quite frankly, I’d never heard of Bassboss before, but I was curious to find out more about this little Austin, Texas-based company that was hand-crafting premium loudspeakers right here in the USA. Bassboss is the trade name of True Lee Loudspeakers — named after company founder and engineer David Lee. Along with his team, Lee produces a pretty wide range of speakers, including some impressive subwoofers for which Lee is purportedly best-known.

When the pair of SV8s arrived on my doorstep, and after getting them unboxed, I could immediately see the build quality clearly on display. The rugged, solid cabinets, made from Baltic birch, were coated with a thick, textured polyurethane finish, with the main driver protected by a heavy-gauge metal-mesh front, and the high-frequency horn well-recessed. On the back side, the speaker’s amplifier and controls were protected by a pair of top- and bottom-mounted handles that protrude back from the cabinet. From all appearances, the 26-pound SV8 seems built for the rigors of mobile work. For permanent installation applications, there are integrated fly points to support safe installation.

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