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Terrace Afterhours, Las Vegas

Apr 16, 2019

Beautiful People Dance All Night

Terrace Afterhours welcomes a new BASSBOSS system in Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada, April 15, 2019 —  Terrace Afterhours 

Terrace Afterhours is one of the most highly regarded after-hours parties in Las Vegas. Due to their breathtaking rooftop location, the desire to push their audio to the next level staged a crucial question, “How do we keep the volume up and our neighbors happy?”

The rooftop system had two significant targets to hit:

  • Keep the bass upfront and minimize leakage behind the stage
  • Cover a wide dance floor area with even sound

The Solution: six DJ18 Powered Subwoofers and four DV12 Powered MicroMains.

Three DJ18 Subs per side with one flipped into the cardioid mode; this feature allows the option for omnidirectional bass to be directed more appropriately. Our solution keeps the party going till 6:30 am every Saturday while allowing the nearby hotels to maintain happy clients.

Terrace also used the Invertible Array feature on their DV12s which provides for coherent summing of two arrayed boxes. This feature allows the system’s output to be scaled up significantly without compromising sound quality or coverage. The two line array waveguides couple to provide coverage for much larger audiences with only two boxes per side.

We are happy to welcome Terrace Afterhours to the BASSBOSS family! Next time you are in Vegas rest assured there is an after-party with high fidelity sound, breathtaking visuals, and fantastic music.