The Highball

Feb 24, 2016

BASSBOSS Installation at The Highball

The Highball, a swanky cocktail bar known for its many live music nights, unique events and private karaoke rooms in Austin, TX, has installed a new BASSBOSS system. Located at Austin’s famous Alamo Drafthouse on South Lamar, The Highball is rocking the house with two AT312 tops with two SSP118 subwoofers for their live music performance stage.

“We love the coverage, that just one top speaker per side can do this whole room, without having to do a two-speaker line array,” Highball manager Steve Sanders says of the new system. “The clarity is great, and we love the subwoofers. The combo between those two, tops and subs, it doesn’t take much, we don’t have to push, we have plenty of headroom.”

Even the staff are enthusiastic about the upgrade, Steve says. “The bartenders who get bombarded by a lot of stuff have really noticed. Now if it’s loud, the kind of frequencies they’re getting aren’t killing them any more. It’s really not louder or quieter, it’s a better quality of volume.  It’s not a needle in the ear any more.”

Photos courtesy The Highball