We’re excited to introduce you to our new name, BASSBOSS. Many claim to take it to the MAXX, but
there can only be one BOSS! 

BASSBOSS provides extraordinary products and exceptional service for the audio industry professional. We focus on building subwoofers and loudspeaker products specifically intended to be the most exciting and most reliable on the market – ultra-impactful sound systems that create great word-of-mouth from audiences and pros alike.

All BASSBOSS loudspeaker systems are built using only the finest quality components, which are chosen because they offer unsurpassed sonic performance and proven reliability. We use innovative system design and practical application of the newest and best technologies to make owning premium-quality audio equipment surprisingly cost-effective and refreshingly failure-free.

BASSBOSS systems are user-friendly, super high-output, compact and practically indestructible. Being fully powered and processed, they require only power and signal. Every BASSBOSS loudspeaker is a mindfully-engineered, completely integrated system, incorporating enclosure,  transducers, amplification and digital signal processing, delivering extraordinary sonic intensity.

We don’t compromise on quality. At BASSBOSS we design our products with a focus on making great sound more affordable. We’ve packed close to 30 years of experience designing loudspeakers and audio systems into an incredibly simple, massively powerful product line that is exceptionally fun for the audience to listen to, and easy to use for the audio professional.

For more information about the BASSBOSS product philosophy, visit our ABOUT page.

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