Simply Sick Sound! BASSBOSS® builds extraordinary products for passionate sound professionals. We focus on creating fully-integrated, ultra high-fidelity sound systems built on the rock-solid foundation of our famous BASSBOSS subwoofers.

BASSBOSS systems are user-friendly, super high-output, compact and practically indestructible. Each cabinet is fully self-contained, including amplification and comprehensive processing. They require no outboard gear – just signal and electricity.

At BASSBOSS we don’t believe in the common audio-industry practice of cherry-picking the highest possible numbers at unusable frequencies and levels that can only be achieved for a few milliseconds. We quote our specs as guaranteed minimums that can be achieved for extended periods of time and over a wide range of conditions.  What you read is what you get.

For more info on the BASSBOSS philosophy and history, check out our About Page.

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